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1923 Season 1 Cast – 1923 is the third show to be set in the Yellowstone universe, and the parent series is one of the most praised and well-liked on television. On December 18 in the US and Canada, and on December 19 in the UK and Australia, it will be broadcast on Paramount+. We have all the information about the new and recurring cast members here.

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1923 Season 1 Cast List

Jacob Dutton, Played by Harrison Ford

1923 might have one of the strongest TV casts. Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton, the ranch’s father, in the program. Ford has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent and highest-earning movie actors ever since he was cast as Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels in the 1970s. Since then, Ford has worked in a variety of genres, including as sci-fi with Blade Runner, comedy with Working Girls, and thrillers with The Fugitive.

Despite having a well-known career, he has only ever been nominated for one Oscar for his role as the investigator in the police drama See, which centers on an Amish mother and her young kid who witnessed a crime. Ford recently starred in the critically acclaimed prequel to Blade Runner 2049, and in the next Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, he will once again don the hat and strike the whip.

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton

Helen Mirren’s character Cara Dutton acts as the matriarch of the family. Throughout a significant period of her career, Mirren was a prominent theatrical performer in England. Despite not having Ford’s fame for the bulk of her career, she was one of only a few actresses to win the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival twice. By the 2000s, she had become well-known for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen.

Sebastian Roche as Father Renaud

Sebastian Roche plays Father Renaud, the headmaster of the school for American Indians. Roche rose to fame for his performance in The Last of the Mohicans and subsequently enjoyed significant television success. After appearing regularly on General Hospital, he switched to fantasy television with Fringe, Supernatural, and The Originals.

Jerome Flynn portrays Banner Creighton.

Immigrant Creighton, who was born in Scotland, isn’t afraid to disagree with Livestock Commissioner Jacob Dutton, even if it means repeatedly breaching the law. The sheep farmer’s character is positioned to be a huge thorn in the side of the Duttons as he fights for his own survival, the survival of his flock, and the respect he feels he lacks from Jacob.

Captain Shipley, Played by Joseph Mawle

The most recent addition to the cast, Game of Thrones alum Joseph Mawle, was announced even though the show’s premiere is only a few weeks away. According to Paramount Plus, he will be reunited with Jerome Flynn, another Game of Thrones star. In the most recent episode of the Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Joseph Mawle portrays Adar.

Brandon Sklenar Plays Spencer Dutton.

The young actor Charlie Srover, who plays Spencer, first appeared on Yellowstone in a brief flashback episode from season 4. Spencer, the youngest son of James and Margaret, spoke to the first natives who came to the land the Duttons bought to build the Yellowstone ranch, along with his brother John, his father, and other family members. As with most Dutton men, Spencer appears to be a much darker and broken man in 1923. Spencer, a soldier of World War One, is chasing metaphorical monsters to escape his demons. Spencer, who is employed as a hired hunter in the far reaches of Africa, is the first Dutton we encounter while traveling.

James Badge Dale Portrays John Dutton Sr.

In the world of Yellowstone, the name “John Dutton” connotes power and wise stoicism, and in this production, viewers will get to know the real John. John, the delightful Audie Rick’s portrayal of, was just a young boy in 1883. After 40 years of a challenging existence, John is Jacob’s right-hand man and the senior member of the ranch crew in 1923. This will surely define what it means to be a part of our favorite TV family and will be an opportunity to see John at his finest. He would eventually inherit the ranch, and John played by Kevin Coster, who was born in the early 1920s, is his offspring.

Marley Shelton as Emma Dutton

Emma is referred to as John Dutton Sr’s submissive wife and Jack Dutton’s mother. Emma promises to be a realist, pragmatist, and team player in preserving the empire, along with her aunt-in-law Cara. When she appears on the show, it will be interesting to see how two generations of Dutton wives coexist and how they manage the family’s affairs.

Teonna Rainwater is played by Aminah Nieves

Aminah Nieves plays Teonna Rainwater

According to the trailer, Nieves is portraying a lady who is Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) ancestor, but she represents so much more than that. In one of the most relevant and important stories from 1923, Teonna is one of the hundreds of First Nations children who were kidnapped from their families and sent to a residential school. In pop culture and the larger world, Taylor Sheridan has a long history of working to revive these all-too-forgotten narratives. One example of this labour is the woman’s struggle against abuse, forced indoctrination, and cultural whitewashing.

Donald Whitfield is played by Timothy Dalton

Donald Whitfield is Played by Timothy Dalton

To get rid of the Duttons, Donald Whitfield and Creigton look to be cooperating. Whitfield, an affluent Englishman who arrived in America to launch his empire, might be a relative of the family. He initially purchases a piece of property near to Yellowstone but later declares, “I want the whole valley.” Undoubtedly, Dalton will play an older incarnation of the current enemies from Yellowstone—individuals who challenge the Duttons and attempt to seize some of their ranches but are always unsuccessful. This is because two powerful factions are trying to take control of most of Montana.

Jack Dutton as Played by Darren Mann

We find that the Dutton family has at least begun to prosper in this generation as we get to know Jack, the enthusiastic and young son of John and Emma who would eventually become John Dutton’s grandpa and is portrayed by actor Kevin Costner. Jack represents the family’s hope, which has frequently been lost over the years as they have worked to build their future, as he tries to balance his life as a rancher and soon-to-be husband.

Elizabeth Strafford is Played by Michelle Randolph.

Elizabeth Randolph’s father is a rancher, so even though she didn’t live on the ranch full-time because she went to school on the East Coast, she spent her summers there. She has a great sense of optimism. Jack Dutton is anxious to marry Elizabeth Strafford, but their plans are derailed from the start by his commitment to his family’s ranch.

1923 Season 1 Cast: Get to Know the Other Cast Details

  • Brian Geraghty plays the role of Zane Davis.
  • Brian Geraghty’s character, Zane Davis, the ranch foreman, has a strong devotion.
  • Played by Julia Schlaepfer, Alexandra
  • Julia Schlaepfer portrays Alexandra, a British woman who meets a Dutton while traveling.
  • A deranged mafioso from Birmingham named Jimmy Cricket, played by Jacques Schembri, encounters Emma Dutton.
  • The Duttons are friends with Robert Patrick’s Sheriff William McDowell.
  • Irish nun Sister Mary, portrayed by Jennifer Ehle, works as a teacher in an American Indian school in Montana.
  • 1923 First Season Repeating Amelia Rico is Issaxche in the cast.
  • Amelia Rico as Issaxche
  • Peter Stormare as Lucca
  • Tim DeKay as Bob Strafford

While you wait for this series to launch on Paramount+, here is a sample of just a few Taylor Sheridan episodes that tackle historical subjects like Westward Expansion on an operatic scale.

Yellowstone: The Dutton family in the present is the focus of the first chapter in this series, Yellowstone. The largest ranch in Montana is currently under the control of the Dutton family. Because of this, the Dutton family routinely disagrees with residents, developers, and the nearby Broken Rock Indian Reservation.

Sheridan shows the Midwest’s rural regions’ storytelling potential and highlights them. Even though they aren’t a royal family in a fictional setting like Game of Thrones or a family functioning in the high-rolling world of media magnates like Succession, the show nonetheless has substance and creates tension out of ranch life. With performers like Wes Bentley and Kevin Costner in the ensemble, it’s one of Sheridan’s best efforts.

The Dutton family’s history was described in 1923, and how their estate came to be bought is revealed in 1883. At the show’s beginning, the Dutton family leaves their Tennessee home for Fort Worth, Texas. They take a train of European immigrants along the route, changing their direction to Montana, where they would finally discover the Yellowstone Ranch.

The Duttons still harbor resentment toward the South for its defeat, forcing the program to address the truths of the post-Civil War South. It also discusses the brutal invasion of Native American territories and its disastrous effects on American civilization. As seen in 1883, the struggle of the Dutton family was interesting to observe anywhere and at any time.

On Sunday, December 18, 2022, don’t miss the brand-new Yellowstone prequel, 1923, on Paramount+.