American Horror Story Season 10: Release Date, Posters, Promos & Full Information

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There is a new season of American Horror Story: Double Feature on the way, and we are still trying to figure out how the new season will fit in with the other seasons of the horror series.

While we wait for the premiere of American Horror Story Season 10, Ryan Murphy continues to tease us with hints and casting announcements, and now a brand new official trailer has arrived to give us a clearer idea of what we can expect this season to be about.

The curiosity is only going to get hotter now that we know the intriguing title of the series.

What can we expect from AHS in the upcoming season?

We’ve compiled everything we know about Season 10 so far in the section below.


American Horror Story Season 10 Official Trailer & Promos

Peter “Finn” Wittrock Jr takes centre stage in the full-length trailer for American Horror Story: Double Feature “Part 1: Red Tide, in which the young actor is seen travelling with his family to a picturesque seaside town in an effort to overcome writer’s block.

Some shady locals assure him that shouldn’t be an issue, and that’s when the scary stuff starts to happen to him. In the new season, there will be plenty of blood and, of course, horror.

The premiere date for American Horror Story season 10 has been set for October.

Season 10 of AHS will premiere on FX in the United States on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 p.m.

Fox used to broadcast episodes in the United Kingdom, but the channel has since been shut down, with much of its material being moved to Star on Disney+.

“The FOX channel in the United Kingdom will terminate on June 30,” according to a Disney representative (via Deadline).

‘Many titles will become accessible on Star on Disney+ in the coming future, and we will announce them as soon as they become available.

We are grateful for the support of our UK fans, and we look forward to continuing to share the best stories with you.”

We’ll update this page as soon as we know when and where the show will air in the United Kingdom.

American Horror Story Season 10 Cast: Who will be returning to the show?

During the early seasons of American Horror Story, Jessica Lange was the only true supreme, and each episode centred around her and her adventures.

So when the Emmy-winning actress left the show after Freak Show, it was a significant blow, and fans have speculated that she would return every year since.

Sarah Paulson will officially make a comeback. Sarah Paulson was absent from the show for the first time in 1984, but the actress does not want for this to become a habit.

Her return for Season 10 is set to begin in January 2020, according to the actress.

Ryan [Murphy] confirmed that if the question was directed to me, I could claim that I was returning, and he responded affirmatively, you could say.

So in that case, yes, I will be returning to American Horror Story,” Paulson confirmed.

Season 10 will also see the return of Evan Peters. Finally, Sarah Paulson got what she wanted.

Kaia Gerber Also Joins the Cast

According to Ryan Murphy, Evan Peters will return to the FX anthology series for the next 10th season, which will premiere in February 2020.

What will the Theme of American Horror Story Season 10 be about?

Season 10 of American Horror Story will be titled Double Feature and will present two unique stories, one set by the sea and the other set by the sand, according to Ryan Murphy.

You can see a teaser trailer for the new series below.

“A collision of terror like you’ve never seen before,” according to the most current trailer for American Horror Story: Double Feature.

In addition, this teaser has provided us with some crucial new insights into the theme, including a first look at the monsters who will be keeping us awake at night in the near future.

Season 10, which will be divided into two sections – the ocean-themed ‘Red Tide’ and the Area 51-inspired ‘Death Valley’ – will be terrorised by grey aliens as well as vampires.

AHS fans have been waiting patiently for the show to finally bring back the aliens from season 2 for the past few years.

After Asylum, Kit Walker was abducted by extraterrestrials, leaving behind two children born with extraterrestrial DNA.

Unfortunately, aside from a few short mentions of space-themed music in Apocalypse, we don’t know what happened to them once they grew up and were immensely successful. Season 10, on the other hand, will shortly change that…

When will American Horror Story Season 10 be Released and where can I watch it?

Season 10 of AHS premieres on FX on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 p.m., and on Hulu on FX the following day. AHS 10 will not be broadcast on Fox Channel in the United Kingdom, which is bad news for Fox fans.

On June 30, that channel will be phased out and replaced with Star on Disney+. Seasons 1 through 8 of American Horror Story are available on Amazon Prime Video. Seasons 1-8 are also available on Netflix.

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