Where is Amie Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse Now?

Gareth Pursehouse

Where is Amie Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse Now? – Amie Harwick’s death is the focus of the first of the new six-part series Death By Fame, which explores the rise, fall, and murder of some of Hollywood’s most promising actors. On Investigation Discovery (ID) and discovery+, the “Celebrity Sexpert” episode, which describes the brutal murder of Harwick, premieres.

Amie Harwick, a Hollywood sex therapist who was 38 years old, was discovered on February 15, 2020, with fatal injuries after allegedly being pushed off her third-story balcony. Detectives charged Gareth Pursehouse with murder following the passing of Amie Garwick. But for now, if you’re only interested in learning more about Amie Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, her murderer, and his whereabouts, SpikyTV has the knowledge you require in this situation.

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Who was Amie Harwick

Who was Amie Harwick?

Amie Harwick was a renowned sex therapist as well. Harwick became well-known for her 2014 book, The New Sex Bible for Women: The Complete Guide to Sexual Self-Awareness and Intimacy. She appeared on the MTV reality program Braxton Family Values in 2015, which also featured Toni Braxton’s singing. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she was well-known for being the ex-girlfriend of Drew Carey, the host of the game show The Price Is Right.

The couple began dating in 2017, became engaged in the first few months of 2018, and then split up a few months later. In the early hours of February 15, 2020, police found 38-year-old Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick fatally hurt. She had allegedly been thrown over the third-story balcony of her Hollywood home.

It was determined that blunt force damage to Harwick’s head and torso was the reason for her demise. Before that, she was engaged to actor Drew Carey. Inside the home, there were signs of a struggle, forced entry, and manual strangulation. Her demise was deemed to be a homicide. Gareth Pursehouse, the ex-boyfriend of Harwick, was the focus of the police investigation.

Thirteen hours after Amie Garwick passed away, detectives went to Gareth Pursehouse’s house and accused him of killing Amie. Police then acknowledged finding a syringe inside Pursehouse’s home that matched the one they had found on Amie’s balcony. The prosecution claims that the material in the syringe on her balcony was nicotine, a poison that they think he meant to use to kill her. As the investigation into her death developed, it was eventually learned that Harwick had initially asked for a restraining order against Pursehouse in 2011.

Who is Gareth Pursehouse

Who is Gareth Pursehouse?

He has worked in various positions throughout his career, including photography, software engineering, and development, among others. Amie Harwick’s best friend Robert Coshland was called to the police station, where Amie’s roommate was already conversing with officers. Coshland told the police that Amie and her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse had just rejoined at an awards gala for the adult film industry, where Amie had been escorting another therapist following an eight-year separation.

Amie later revealed to Coshland that Pursehouse remembered texts she had written him eight years earlier and lost it when he saw her, blaming her for ruining his life. Amie revealed to Coshland that Pursehouse had physically abused her while they were together, and Coshland also told the authorities this information. Amie had obtained two restraining orders against Pursehouse about ten years prior after reporting him for numerous instances of domestic violence. He was charged with several offences, including shoving her into walls, choking, smothering, and smashing her head on the floor. Amie also thought Pursehouse had broken into her home, taken her pictures, and cleared out her computer nearly four years after they split up.

Who Killed Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick

Where is Amie Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse Today?

Pursehouse has reportedly since been charged with murder and domestic burglary “with the special circumstance allegation of lying-in-wait,” according to a news report from 2020. Gareth Pursehouse’s attorneys assert that their client did not kill Amie Harwick and that her fall from the balcony may have been an accident at a preliminary hearing in September 2021. But a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed with the lawsuit.

After Harwick died, Pursehouse was detained and accused of killing the man. He has subsequently pleaded innocent to the charges, although he faces the death penalty if proven guilty. If Pursehouse is found guilty, the death penalty might be applied. He entered a plea of not guilty. February 28 is the date of his subsequent court appearance. In Los Angeles, his trial is still pending.

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