Anna Delvey’s Parents: Who Are They? What happened to them?

Anna Delvey's Parents Who Are They

Inventing Anna,’ a Netflix drama miniseries, follows a young lady as she attempts to get into New York society by pretending to be a wealthy German heiress.

Vivian, a reporter wanting to learn more about Anna’s past, is persistent in her quest to learn more about the socialite’s source of money, only to receive a slew of perplexing responses.

Apart from a few references to her father, all of which are in relation to her financial situation at the time, the titular heroine is unusually quiet about her family.

Even as the episode comes to a close, little is known about Anna’s parents, despite Vivian’s efforts to find them out.

We chose to look up information on the real Anna Sorokin’s parents because some characters in ‘Inventing Anna’ are based on real people. Here’s what we found out.

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Her father Vadim Sorokin has disowned her, telling DailyMailTV: ‘It’s down to her what she has done’ and saying Anna even borrowed money from them

Anna Sorokin’s Parents: Who Are They?

Anna Sorokin was born in 1991 in the Moscow neighbourhood of Domodedovo. When she was 16, she relocated to the German town of Eschweiler with her parents and younger brother.

Vadim, her father, began his career as a truck driver for NKS Transport before being promoted to executive. He founded a heating and cooling company after the corporation went bankrupt in 2013.

Anna’s father claimed in an interview that the family maintained her after she graduated from high school, paying for her housing and other requirements seemingly without inquiry.

Anna also revealed in a prison interview that her parents had always trusted her and had high expectations of her.

Surprisingly, neither Vadim nor his wife is familiar with Anna’s last name (“Delvey”), which she claimed was inspired by her mother’s maiden name.

They’d also never heard of Anna’s $60 million trust fund, which she claimed to be entitled to during her New York high life days.

Anna’s father said that the family had shunned Anna while she awaited her punishment in 2019.

He stated that he had no awareness of his daughter’s life in the United States until she was apprehended and that it was up to her to deal with the problem. He further claimed that Anna’s family had never benefited from her deception and that she had actually borrowed money from them.

Anna Delvey Mother

What happened to Anna Sorokin’s parents And Where Are They Now?

Even though their daughter has gone from being a New York City socialite to a convicted felon, Anna Sorokin’s parents have remained mainly out of the spotlight.

After Anna moved to Paris, they appeared to relocate to Düren, Germany, near Cologne. Vadim Sorokin and his wife appear to desire to remain removed from their daughter’s antics and consequent notoriety, based on their attitude to the situation.

The little village they call home is the polar opposite of the “Soho Grifter’s” sparkling metropolis stomping grounds. It’s worth mentioning that Anna’s parents, including a character named Vadim, are only briefly depicted in the episode.

As a result, Anna Sorokin’s parents, both on-screen and in real life, stay largely removed from their daughter’s case and appear to want it that way.

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