Selling the OC: Are Brandi Marshall and Lauren Brito Still Friends?

Are Brandi and Lauren From Selling the OC Still Friends

Are Brandi Marshall and Lauren Brito From Selling the OC Still Friends? – The upcoming season of Selling The OC is a spin-off of the popular real estate thriller Selling Sunset on the streaming giant. A group of realtors will be featured in the real estate drama, and their main goal will be to get the best clientele for their business, The Oppenheim. Viewers will also get to know Lauren Brito, one of these realtors, who enjoys spending her free time with her fiance and golden retriever.

The real estate industry refers to Brandi Marshall, a former executive in public relations, as “the great communicator.” She is well regarded for having outstanding interpersonal skills and for being a patient, astute negotiator who achieves what her clients want.

In Newport Beach, the Oppenheim brothers have launched a second office and hired a new group of realtors to work there. In addition, the show will highlight the competition among realtors on both a professional and a personal level.

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Are Brandi Marshall and Lauren Brito Still Friends

“Selling the OC” Journey of Brandi Marshall and Lauren Brito

Brandi and Lauren’s relationship with “Selling the OC” was by no means as dramatic as some others. While Brandi did have some drama as the season went on, Lauren was generally visible during significant events or when Brandi and Lauren were just hanging out. The cooperation between the real estate agents when it came to listing a 4-bedroom home on Gainsborough Drive in Laguna Beach, California, shows that they occasionally collaborated.

Lauren and Brandi stayed inseparable throughout the events of season 1 of the Netflix series. The two frequently got together to talk about their problems. After being embroiled in the controversy surrounding Tyler Stanaland and Kayla Cardona, Lauren was the first person Brandi told. In fact, Brandi told her close friend the truth about her mother’s condition. Lauren did her best to stand by her close friend as she continued to vent her emotions with her coworkers, even chasing a seagull away.

One of the most vital relationships in season one of “Selling the OC” was between these two realtors. They regularly offered assistance emotionally and had each other’s backs. Many people are now curious about how their relationship is doing right now due to this. Is there still a close friendship between the two, or have they grown apart? Do not be concerned; we have the precise solution you want.

Brandi Marshall

Are Brandi Marshall and Lauren Brito Still Friends?

Even as of this writing, Brandi and Lauren are still close friends. The two maintained a strong friendship until the conclusion of the show’s first season. They seem to have gotten along well ever since. It should be noted that the two may not have been able to spend as much time together as they may have desired due to Lauren’s wedding on June 25, 2022. They, therefore, make every effort to make that right. During the Netflix Open House event in June 2022, the coworkers could really be seen socialising together.

Lauren and her husband, Andrew T. Shortt, flew on August 19, 2022, to Bali, Indonesia, for their honeymoon. In the meantime, Brandi is concentrating on her family and work. Additionally, she has been advertising “Selling the OC” to her followers on social media. Among the several dramatic ties shown during the first season of the reality series, the pair is given one of the most wholesome friendships.

Fans of the Netflix series undoubtedly anticipate seeing more of their entertaining and relaxing moments in the following conceivable seasons. We wish Brandi and Lauren the very best in life and envision them having a bright future.

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