Are Keith and Sherri Papini Still Married? Where Is Her Husband Today?

Is Sherri Papini Still Married

When Sherri Papini disappeared on November 2, 2016, her husband, Keith Papini, expressed concern about her safety. He cooperated with the authorities during the search and appeared visibly relieved when Sherri emerged 22 days later.

The episode is chronicled on ABC’s ‘20/20: Missing Mom,’ which exposes how it affected Keith Papini.

However, Sherri has been accused of inventing the entire affair after her return, leading many to wonder if she is still with Keith. So, we’ve arrived with solutions.

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Where Is Her Husband Now

Is Sherri Papini Still Married To Keith?

Yes, Sherri Papini is still married to Keith, and the couple appears to be doing well. Sherri and Keith’s marriage was never in difficulty, according to the episode, and the two had a great bond.

Being proud parents of gorgeous children brought them closer together, and neighbours claimed they had never witnessed an altercation or quarrel between them.

Keith worked as an Audio-Video specialist at a local Best Buy at the time of Sherri’s disappearance, and he and his family lived in Redding, California.

Keith was astonished to find neither his wife nor his children at home when he arrived home from work on November 2, 2016. He called the daycare right away and learned that Sherri had never gone there to pick up the kids.

Sherri Papini Still Married

Keith, scared and anxious, quickly contacted law authorities and hoped for Sherri’s safe return. He did everything he could to assist investigators throughout the first police investigation and was always at the forefront of the search for his wife.

Sherri reappeared in Yolo County near Woodland on November 24, 2016, 22 days after her absence. Her waist was bound by a chain, and her wrists and ankles were bound by various shackles.

Her body was heavily bruised, and ligature marks were seen on her wrists, according to the authorities.

Her hair was also cut short, and an investigation revealed a burn on her left arm and a brand on her right shoulder. Keith appeared relieved and thrilled to have his wife back.

Before divulging the severity of his wife’s injuries, the adoring husband issued a public statement thanking everyone for their assistance.

According to the episode, Keith even mentioned that the family needed some time to recover from the incident after a month of intense media publicity.

Since then, Keith has been seen with Sherri in public, and the marriage appears to have returned to normalcy. The Papinis appeared to the outside world to be a happy family, enjoying life with their children.

The case, however, quickly took a turn when the police were unable to locate the two Hispanic women who Sherri said had kidnapped her.

Officers had recovered foreign male DNA from her body upon her reappearance, which led straight to an ex-boyfriend.

Sherri had spent the days between November 2 and 24 at her boyfriend’s house in Orange County, according to the boyfriend.

In addition, the man’s cousin indicated that he saw Sherri there and that she was not being held against her will.

When the cops discovered evidence to back up the ex-story, boyfriend’s they spoke with Sherri and informed her that lying to a federal officer was a federal crime. Despite this, Sherri adhered to her storey, and Keith was there for her in every way.

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sherri papini Husband

Where Is Sherri Papini’s Husband Now?

Sherri Papini was suspected of fabricating the kidnapping incident by the authorities. Between 2017 and 2021, she had also taken over $30,000 from the California Victim’s Compensation Board.

As a result, officials arrested Sherri in March 2022 and charged her with lying to a federal officer and mail fraud.

Where is sherri papini Husband

No one else is accused of being involved in the criminal allegations brought against Sherri in the complaint. Furthermore, while the US Attorney’s Office declined to comment on Keith, they did affirm that he was not being charged in any way.

As a result, Keith appears to be still in California, where he has continued to support his wife through recent events.