Hulu’s “Love, Victor”: Are Lake and Lucy Gay or Bisexual?

Are Lake and Lucy Gay or Bisexual in Love, Victor

Are Lake and Lucy Gay or Bisexual in “Love, Victor”? – “Love, Victor,” is set in the world of “Love, Simon,” a pioneering film based on Becky Albertalli’s popular young adult novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” about a closeted gay teenager forced to come out after being blackmailed. Victor is dealing with issues at home, navigating the ups and downs of a new high school, and discovering his sexual orientation. When things get too stressful at home, Victor turns to Simon for help. Victor is played by Michael Cimino, who, like Simon, is on his own path of self-discovery.

The third season of Hulu’s teen drama ‘Love, Victor‘ begins with Harold Brooks and Veronica’s wedding reception. The chance meeting of Lake Meriwether and Lucy at the wedding allows Lucy to show her romantic interest in Lake. Even though she is taken aback by Lucy’s advances, she recognizes that she is attracted to her as well.

Lake and Lucy develop an adorable friendship as the season develops, despite various difficulties that threaten it. Lake and Lucy’s sexual orientations must naturally pique the viewers’ interest. So, let’s share what we’ve learned!

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Is Lake Bisexual

Is Lake Bisexual or Gay in “Love, Victor”?

Lake is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Lake tells her mother, Georgina Meriwether, that she is in a relationship with Lucy after being inspired by her best friend Mia Brooks. Georgina inquires as to whether she is bisexual, to which Lake responds that she doesn’t know yet, implying that she is still unsure. Lake has already conveyed her attraction to girls in an understated manner, probably without realizing it. Lucy could be the first female to approach Lake romantically, giving her the opportunity to figure out her feelings.

Lake, on the other hand, may discover that she is bisexual rather than gay, as the scenario for her and Lucy is primarily created with Lake as bisexual. Lake is bisexual, according to co-creator Isaac Aptaker, who confirmed this in an interview with EW following the season 2 finale. Aptaker’s discovery provides us with the character’s core, even though the third season follows her in her questioning/figuring out period.

You just get that ever-so-subtle flash of a moment between them [Lake and Lucy], and you see that this has clearly taken Lake off guard, but she absolutely appears inquisitive and receptive to exploring that concept and exploring that side of herself,” Aptaker told EW. He also mentioned that Lake’s actress, Bebe Wood, was ecstatic about the news. “It’s something Bebe was very open to exploring with her character,” he continued.

Even though Bebe Wood has not officially expressed her sexual orientation, she has disclosed that she and Lake share a crucial part of the character. “I think Lake and I have the same attitude,” Bebe told. “If it’s hot, it’s hot, and if someone intrigues you, go for it.”

Is Lucy Gay or Bisexual

Is Lucy Bisexual or Gay in “Love, Victor”?

In the show, Lucy does not divulge her sexual orientation. There is, however, evidence that Lucy may be a lesbian. Lucy tells Lake at Harold and Veronica’s wedding that being with Andrew Spencer helped her learn more about herself. She could be implying that her experience with Andrew taught her that she does not have a sexual attraction to men.

When Lake investigates her sexuality in order to determine her sexual orientation, Lucy appears to be more certain. She not only initiates the relationship, but she also supports Lake as she embarks on a path of self-discovery.

In ‘Love, Victor,’ Ava Capri, a gay actor, plays Lucy. After giving a quick glance at Lucy’s romantic interest in Lake in the season 2 finale, Capri acknowledged her appreciation for Lake and Lucy’s togetherness in the third season in an interview conducted in June 2022.

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