Are Mito Pereira and Joaquin Niemann Still Friends?

Mito Pereira and Joaquin Niemann Still Friends

Are Mito Pereira and Joaquin Niemann Still Friends? – Full Swing, a new behind-the-scenes sports documentary series, examines the “civil war” in golf sparked by the Saudi Arabia-backed breakaway competition LIV Golf. Previous shows, Drive to Survive and BreakPoint, have centred on Formula One and tennis, respectively.

The complete eight-part series will be accessible on Netflix as of February 15th. The producers of ‘Drive to Survive’ compiled this in-depth look at the PGA Tour exploits of some noteworthy players from the previous year.

The release of the LIV Golf series in the spring of this year was received with significant criticism. Others said that it was sportswashing since the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund committed £1.6 billion to the company, and the new series was viewed as a major challenge to the golfing world’s established order.

Professional players such as Dustin Johnson, Ian Poulter, and Brooks Koepka obtained formal endorsements from the PGA after playing in the new tournament.

One of the prominent individuals was Mito Pereira, whose connection with Joaquin Niemann also gained news coverage; let’s delve further into this bond today.

Are Mito and Joaquin Still Friends?

Clearly, yeah! Mito and Joaquin are as close as two individuals can be, given that they not only live close to one another but have also recently shifted their whole career trajectory by joining the LIV Golf League.

At LIV Golf, Joaquin Niemann has his eyes set on Chilean compatriot Mito Pereira. The LIV golfer has indicated openly that he is doing “all possible” to attract the latter to the Saudi-backed tournament.

Niemann, the leader of the LIV Golf Torque GC squad, has been pursuing PGA Tour golfer Mito Pereira. This year, a two-time PGA Tour champion who switched to the rebel series stated he could see Pereira on the LIV course with him. Before the February start of the LIV Golf League’s 14-event season, these comments were spoken.

In an interview with the Chilean daily La Tercera, Joaquin Niemann stated, I’m doing all I can to get him to come, and I truly hope he does, but ultimately the decision is his.” I can picture him accumulating LIV time. It would be nice if he were a team member, but this needs to be clarified. I sincerely hope so. Having him on the team would be ideal, in my opinion.

Mito Pereira’s name has been associated with LIV Golf for some time. In 2022, the young Chilean golfer made headlines when he led the PGA Championship after 71 holes. Despite failing to win his first major tournament, the golfer’s popularity has surged. Success on the Korn Ferry Tour in 2021 helped him secure his seat on the PGA Tour.

Pereira might be a top priority for the LIV Golf expansion squad as the league prepares for its February launch. Greg Norman, the chief executive officer of LIV, stated in early November that the programme was exploring adding another seven or six PGA Tour players.

When speaking to the media, Norman stated, “I believe we need around seven guys at this time.”

He also claimed that the league was interested in signing “Top 10” and “Top 20” PGA Tour players. LIV was scheduled to reveal its new 2023 lineup on December 21, but the unveiling took time.

Despite the company’s internal struggle, it is widely anticipated that LIV’s revised roster would feature many PGA and DP World Tour stars. The next members of the squad will be disclosed in January 2023.

Joaquin Niemann is optimistic about LIV Golf’s chances of qualifying for the OWGR.

During an interview with the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Joaquin Niemann showed confidence in LIV’s ability to achieve worldwide ranking points. The captain of Torque GC mirrored the opinions of several LIV players and officials when he stated that the rebel series would soon meet OWGR’s requirements.

This is what he said,As it is, we satisfy all requirements for a top-tier spot in the LIV. They have not previously done so because they have a monopoly on that market and refuse to share it for political reasons. However, we have prior knowledge of all needs. If they fail to perform, it will reflect adversely on the entire tour, as they are among the best players in the world.”

Some players have refused LIV Golf’s offers because of the series’ lack of official OWGR recognition. Once the issue is resolved, and LIV participants begin collecting ranking points, you should anticipate a rise in excitement for the series.

You can stream “Full Swing” season 3 episodes on Netflix.