Who Likes My Follower: Are Sergio and Sara Still Together?

Are Sergio and Sara From Who Likes My Follower Still Together

Are Sergio and Sara From Who Likes My Follower Still Together? – You’ll adore the new six-part reality dating TV series “Who Likes My Follower?” (A Quien Le Gusta Mi Follower), if you enjoy the real-world concept of Project Runway or The Bachelor. It is distinctive since it focuses on prospects for a particular person via social media. The candidate receives coaching from a real-life influencer with a sizable social media following as they look for true love.

“Who Likes My Follower?” directed by Marta Vargas-Machuca and Marta Torres, was made available on September 8, 2022.

This program is available in English as well. The lead actors in this production are Jonan Wiergo, Jedet Sánchez, and Luján Argüelles.

Sergio Mengual and Sara are one such pair whose adventure had a beautiful ending. Fans are interested in learning how the pair is faring right now, given the recent release of the show’s first season. Fortunately, we know the solution to this as well!

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Sergio and Sara’s Who Likes My Follower Journey

The Who Likes My Follower Journey of Sergio and Sara

Sergio, one of the three followers who came to the show in search of a romantic partner, received mentoring from the amazing Jenet. As per thecinemaholic, Sergio was better known as “The Psychologist” or “El Psicologo” due to his prior experience as a psychology student. Sergio had to select seven of his twelve mini-dates for the competition based on initial impressions, and he had to super-like one of the chosen contestants. The stunning Sara ended up being his choice for the honour. When host Luján questioned Sergio about what he would like to do with the person he super-liked, Sergio replied that he would like to play a game where Sara had to kiss him if she answered “yes” to any of his questions.

The trick Sergio pulled on Sara was to inquire if she understood the game, and when she said yes, it cost Sara the game. Despite this, Sara hesitated to fulfill her obligation since she thought Sergio had not earned it. Sara and the other girls were annoyed when Sergio pulled Paula into the locker rooms during their subsequent group outing to the gym for a private conversation. After Sara interrupted their chat, she and Sergio were alone in the lockers for a while, though she refrained from kissing him.

After the photo shoot, Sergio was drawn to Sara’s assurance and decided to go on a brief date with her in the dressing room. Sergio liked Sara a lot again during the elimination. This happened simultaneously when Sergio was trying to change his ways and embrace his so-called “loveboy” side with Jenet’s assistance. Following this, Sergio started spending more time with Paula, which made Sara unsure about her standing in his group. Things got out of hand when the show relocated to Benidorm, Spain, and Ángela, who had been evicted in the second episode of season 1, returned.

Sara was enraged once more by Sergio’s treatment of Ángela and how much she meant to him. Much to Sara’s chagrin, Sergio chose Paula when Jenet asked him who he would like to go on a vacation date with. Sara, however, declined Sergio’s request, saying she did not want to spend time with him out of sympathy, when he indicated he wanted to complete the false proposal assignment with her.

Sergio surprised Sara by picking her as his final romantic date during the last round of eliminations. The two had a great time on their date, and Sara was impressed by how much he had grown as a character. When Sergio had to pick between Paula and Sara, he chose Sara because he connected with her better. Paula wished them luck, and they were both really thrilled to be together. So, have the two remained together since they appeared on the show, or have they broken up? Fortunately, we know the answers.

Are Sara and Sergio Sill Dating?

The connection between Sergio and Sara is currently under wraps, which may be because the Netflix series just came out. The fact that they are following one another on social media sites suggests that they may get along well with one another. Those that support the two are likely to have great hopes for the future of their relationship as a result of this.

Sara currently works as a fashion model and has a sizable fan base on Instagram and TikTok. She also creates content for the portal OnlyFans, which offers unique content to users who subscribe to the platform. Sergio is also a social media influencer in the meantime, albeit TikTok is where he is most active rather than Instagram. The reality television star is connected to Streik Management, a company that seeks to provide social media influencers with lucrative marketing partnerships. We wish the two the best in life and success in their future endeavors.

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