Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 ‘Traitor’ Recap and Ending Explained

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Recap And Ending Explained

The Warrior Unit, together with Armin and his pals, attempt to reclaim Kiyomi Azumabito’s flying boat from the harbour in ‘Attack on Titan‘ season 4 episode 26, named ‘Traitor.’

Unfortunately, the Yaegerists had already secured the region before to Hange’s arrival, and his fellow Eldians are unwilling to sacrifice their own comrades to achieve any goal, no matter how urgent.

Here’s all you need to know about Season 4 Episode 26 of ‘Attack on Titan.’


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Recap

Recap of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26

General Magath and Hange Zo take note of the situation as soon as they arrive at the harbour to prepare their approach.

They are taken aback when they learn that the Yaegerists, led by Floch, have already secured the territory.

With such tight protection surrounding the flying boat, the chances of reclaiming it without armed combat appear bleak, but Armin and his companions are determined to avoid any senseless death at all costs.

Meanwhile, Floch has executed one of Azumabito’s engineers as a show of force, demonstrating that he would not tolerate any disobedience.

He cheerfully informs Hizuru’s ambassador that her people would be wiped off shortly, and Eldians will take over the country’s riches.

Despite having her back against the wall, Azumabito gently warns Floch that his hopes for a quiet tomorrow are unrealistic, as violence and strife will always exist, even if the revolution succeeds.

While the two are conversing, Armin begins to carry out his plan to capture the flying boat without resorting to violence.

On horseback, Armin and Connie ride straight to the harbour and tell Floch that the Cart Titan and Reiner have not only survived the rumble, but are now on the hunt for Eren.

The de-facto head of the Yaegerists is perplexed by the unexpected piece of information and struggles to make sense of it.

Armin and Connie, however, arrive at the flying boat before he can properly understand what has happened and attempt to seize control of it by asking their friends who are guarding it.

Just when it appears that everything is going according to plan, Azumabito attacks Floch, prompting Mikasa to intercede just as the Yaegerists are about to kill her.

The struggle is turned on its head in a matter of moments, as the Female Titan and the Armored Titan combat the adversaries while Mikasa, Magath, Jean, and Azumabito try to survive the Yagerists’ unrelenting attacks.

The Yeagerists guarding the flying boat become suspicious as the violence escalates, and one of them shoots Armin many times. Connie is compelled to kill both of them after realising they have no other choice.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Ending

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Ending Explained

After the rumbling begins, the Warrior Unit and the surviving Survey Corps join forces with the same objective of stopping Eren, who is hell-bent on killing everyone beyond the walls merely to ensure that the people of Paradis Island never have to confront conflict again.

The odd alliance leaves them with little options, since conquering Eren, who now wields the Founding Titan, appears to be a near-impossible task.

The erstwhile adversaries, on the other hand, believe that if they can approach the anti-hero, they might be able to persuade him to abandon his genocidal ambitions.

Meanwhile, Annie has made it plain that if they can’t fix the problem through dialogue, they’ll have to execute Eren—a decision Armin and his friends appear to be torn between.

When the Warrior Unit and the remainder of the Survey Corps arrive at the harbour, they discover Eren has crossed the ocean.

The combined forces, however, had already determined to collect the flying boat from the harbour because it was the only way they could approach and catch up with the anti-hero.

Eren’s actions in light of Armin and Mikasa’s persuasion are questionable, but it appears that the flying boat will be a priceless resource even if they allow themselves that slim opportunity.

Why Were the Yaegerists Reluctant to Destroy the Flying Boat

Why Did the Yaegerists Oppose Destroying the Flying Boat?

From the start, the Yaegerists have backed Eren’s genocidal schemes wholeheartedly. As a result, they are ecstatic because once the rumbling stops after accomplishing its aim, they will have access to the entire planet.

Floch, who has been a close ally of Eren’s, is undoubtedly aware that the Marleyans have a strong chance of stealing the flying boat, which is why he rushes to the harbour and tightens security to guarantee there is no foul play.

However, once Eren has won, he intends to take the flying boat personally so that the Yeagerists can visit the numerous areas they have conquered.

Despite the dangers, he decides not to destroy the flying boat because it could ultimately prove to be a valuable tool to him and his people.

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