Bad Vegan: Where is Anthony Strangis’ Ex-Wife ‘Stacy Strangis’ Now?

Where is Stacy Strangis Now

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.‘ is a four-part Netflix documentary that goes well beyond the perplexing features that even ‘Tinder Swindler’ and ‘Inventing Anna‘ highlighted.

After all, it involves alleged promises of pet immortality, allegations of ethereal creatures, and alleged gaslighting by Anthony Strangis in order to deplete Sarma Melngailis essentially.

So now that we know he allegedly tried something similar once before – with his then-wife Stacy Strangis in Florida — let’s learn everything there is to know about her, shall we?

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Who is Stacy Strangis
Stacy Strangis

Who Is Stacy Strangis And When Did She Met Anthony Strangis?

Stacy Strangis appears to be a strong and independent lady who has always led a very average life, until she met Anthony Strangis in Tampa, Florida, in 2004.

She was head over heels in love with him, so when he told her they “were reincarnated lovers who kept finding our way through time,” she just went along with it.

Within three months of dating, the couple married in Las Vegas and began constructing a life together- right alongside Stacy’s daughter from a previous relationship, whom he claimed to care about just as much.

Anthony allegedly claimed at one time in their relationship that his aunt had died and left him $5 million, which he planned to use to set up accounts for them as a couple and for her daughter’s college tuition.

Of course, this made Stacy extremely pleased, only for her happiness to be dashed when his aunt’s check never arrived, and Anthony refused to work to support their family.

She subsequently gave birth to their baby, only to become even more concerned when her husband mentioned, as per the show, how easy it would be to kill an infant with salt without it ever showing up in an autopsy.

Following this remark, Stacy never left her children alone with Anthony, but more importantly, the number of their conflicts rose to the point where he began spending half of his time at his father’s house.

From convincing her that he was a Navy SEAL officer shot in the line of duty to convincing her that demons were wanting his life to pawning her jewels alongside his father to fuel their apparent gambling addiction, he’d done it all, according to the Netflix production.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he up and left her with no warning, no note, no nothing, leaving her to raise the two children alone.

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Where is Stacy Strangis Today
Stacy Strangis

What Happened to Stacy Strangis And Where Is She Now?

Because Stacy Strangis had genuinely fallen in love with Anthony, it took nearly a year for her to reclaim her feeling of normalcy, and it took even longer for her to truly move on. But after she learned how he’d treated her, she thought he was wrong, which is why she submitted a letter to the court supervising Sarma’s case, requesting assistance.

According to the docuseries, she wrote, “There [are] too many lies to recall.” “I don’t want to think about it.” The artificial my life a living nightmare… Anthony robbed me and left me penniless and with a baby. This individual is a threat to society.”[0]=AZXgZw7-rh9_HRDxEXaoM9RDcSV9vl2zUvr4iLxtn2ij-42zGDrTEY1xvsiKHgnn9WW_QAIkT_2GG6hqQJU-Ng2Uv4uEViB_Lq9Z5SJDD3ItqUmALqM9smQgAUt_HLnzMvCH3E-3H9vwdODCT7t8j2r6&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Stacy currently resides in Palmetto, Florida, where she appears to have made a wonderful life for herself and her family as an oral surgery assistant, according to what we can discern.

In other words, she now appears to be happy to be working in the profession of dentistry after acquiring the necessary certifications from the Concorde Career Institute in Tampa. She seemed to be quite pleased with her current situation.