Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap ‘710N’ and Ending, Explained

Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap  – In the sixth episode of the third season of ‘Barry,’ Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) is plunged into the depths of despair. The episode 3×06 is titled “710N,’ and it follows Barry as he faces with threats from none other than his previous handler, Fuches. Cousineau, Sally, and Hank, on the other hand, are dealing with the fallout from the emotionally tumultuous previous events in their lives.

The episode comes to a close with an action-packed scenario that puts the protagonist of the drama in grave peril. Viewers, understandably, must be desperate to learn more about Barry’s situation. In that case, here’s all you need to know about the HBO’s season 3 episode 6 finale of ‘Barry‘!

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Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Barry Season 3 Episode 6 ‘710N’ Recap

710N,’ the sixth episode, begins with Fuches chatting with a motocross biking gang linked to Taylor Garrett, Barry’s former Marine acquaintance. Fuches pointed the riders in the direction of Barry. However, Fuches’ incessant rambling irritates the bikers’ commander, Taylor Shane, who shoots him in the chest.

The action then moves to the LAPD office, where Detective Mae Dunn meets with FBI Special Agent Albert Nguyen to discuss the monastery shooting. Nguyen is unconvinced that “The Raven” is to blame for the monks’ deaths. He leaves the workplace to find out where Barry is.

Nguyen meets Sharon, the wife of Chris, one of Barry’s Marine Corps buddies. Barry is attending acting classes, according to Sharon, but he hasn’t contacted her. She proposes organising a dinner to bring the former Marines back together. Sharon calls Barry after Nguyen accepts. She invites him to dinner later that evening. The invitation excites Barry, and he prepares for the meal.

Meanwhile, Sally stops at a beignet shop where the salesperson takes the time to listen to his clients’ issues and gives them sound advise. Meanwhile, a film about Cousineau’s relationship with Barry is presented to him. He takes advantage of the opportunity to repair his friendship with his ex-girlfriend. Fuches is spared from certain death by a Mexican guy, and he falls in love with the man’s daughter.

He considers abandoning his vengeance quest and creating a new life with the Mexican family. However, when Fuches sees the article about Barry and Cousineau, he becomes outraged and resumes his revenge plot. Fuches chats with John Moss, Janice Moss’ father. He offers to guide John to the murderer of his daughter.

Sally receives a long message from Barry in which he apologises for his actions. Sally has a meeting with the CEO of a production company. She is given a position in the writer’s room of the show that will take Sally’s place if her own show is cancelled. Following her agent’s advice, Sally accepts the offer after some hesitation.

Barry goes to supper later, but first stops at the beignet shop. The salesman tells Barry to rethink his dinner plans, but Barry is set on reuniting with his Marine buddies. Finally, when Barry travels to Sharon’s house, the motorcyclists attack him.

Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Ending, Explained

Is Barry Dead at the End of Season 3 Episode 6?

Barry is on his way to Sharon’s residence near the end of the episode. His car, however, is surrounded by a group of bikers. The hitman turned actor knows the danger he is in as the motorcyclists try to check whether the man in the car is truly Barry Berkman. Barry flees from the motorcycles, setting up a high-speed chase. Barry collides with one of the motorcyclists at a crossroads while avoiding their gunshots.

He composes himself and drives away on the bike before the other bikers arrive. Barry pursues the other motorcyclists through traffic and eventually loses them at a used car dealership. Barry eventually makes it to Sharon’s house unscathed.

Barry exhales a sigh of relief when he arrives at Sharon’s house, knowing that he is finally in a secure setting. While researching the bikers who attacked him, he consumes the beignets. He quickly discovers that the bikers are linked to Taylor Garrett. While trying to make sense of the situation, Barry comes across a card addressed to Kenneth Goulet. However, before Barry can react, he understands that the beignet sauce he is eating is poisoned.

The card’s appearance confirms that Fuches had previously told Sharon the truth about Barry’s role in Chris’ death. As a result, she attempts to assassinate Barry. We don’t get confirmation of Barry’s fate until the end of the episode. Given that Sharon poisoned Barry on purpose, it’s doubtful that she’ll assist the hitman.

As a result, Barry’s prospects of survival are slim to none. Despite this, viewers might expect the titular figure to live. Even if Barry recovers from the poisoning, he will be hunted down by Dunn, Nguyen, the bikers, John Moss, and Fuches.

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