Bel-Air Episode 6 ‘The Strength to Smile’ Recap and Ending Explained

Bel-Air Episode 6 Recap

The dramatic remake of the sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ is called ‘Bel-Air.’ Will (Jabari Banks) is still grieving from how his and Tray’s friendship fell apart in episode 6, titled ‘The Strength to Smile.’

The Banks hold a charity fundraiser in honour of Lisa’s (Simone Joy Jones) mother, who was Viv’s close friend (Cassandra Freeman). Lisa confronts Will about his recent lack of communication.

Carlton (Olly Sholotan) gets high on Xanax after hearing an encounter between Lisa and Will. In the meantime, Phil meets a friendly face among his political foes. Here’s all you need to know about the sixth episode of ‘Bel-Air.’


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Bel-Air Episode 6 Recap Ending

Recap of the 6th Episode of ‘Bel-Air’

Will discovers that his West Philly buddies are attacking him on social media in the first episode.

Phil is in a similar predicament with Fred Wilkes, and he persuades Will to work through his own troubles and recognise that those around him are also dealing with issues.

Will appears to appreciate the empathy lesson and joins the rest of the family in assuring the fundraiser’s success.

Hilary (Coco Jones) is having trouble adjusting to the hard and competitive nature of life in an influencer house.

Despite this, she drops everything and rushes to her parents’ house when her mother requests for her help with the food for the fundraiser.

Lisa, understandably, is having the most difficulty. She doesn’t like the fact that her father married Angela, his second wife, a year after her mother died. Angela and Lisa have always had an acrimonious relationship.

Bel-Air Episode 6 Ending

But now that Angela is expecting a child, Lisa feels as if her mother is fading away from their life. Viv initially maintains a courteous tone in her interactions with Angela.

Angela, on the other hand, ends up confessing that she and Fred were dating while Lisa’s mother was still living. Viv becomes enraged, and by the end of the episode, she has unloaded everything on Angela.

Ashley intends to tell Lucia how she feels about her after speaking with Hilary, but she stops when she learns that the other girl has a crush on Will.

Ashley is going through her first heartbreak, and she has her big sister to assist her to get over it. Ashley resolves not to tell anyone else about her interest in girls for the time being.

Lisa tells Will that she needs to walk on eggshells around Carlton due of his unpredictable emotions, which Carlton overhears. This causes Carlton to have one of his most vehement outbursts.

When Will arrives to pick him up, Carlton has already started taking Xanax. Until now, their relationship has been primarily adversarial. As Carlton breaks down in his cousin’s arms, things start to look up.

Meanwhile, Phil has grounds to believe that Reid Broderick has returned to Viv’s life with a hidden agenda.

Do Will and Lisa End Up Together

Will ‘Will Smith’ and ‘Lisa’ End Up Together in Bel-Air Episode 6?

Not one, but twice in the original series, Will and Lisa come dangerously close to marrying. Their respective unmarried parents, Vy and Fred, marry each other after their second wedding is cancelled, making Will and Lisa stepsiblings.

It’s safe to suppose that the producers of ‘Bel-Air‘ will not allow the storey to proceed down this path. That isn’t to say that Will and Lisa won’t end up together. If they want to make it work, they’ll have to fight an uphill struggle.

Will and Lisa kiss as episode 6 comes to a close, formally beginning their relationship. In the next episodes, things are going to grow a lot more problematic for both of them.

Their families have sworn virtual war on one another. Fred has the ability to derail Phil’s campaign if he discovers what Phil did to have Will released from police custody.

Why Is Fred Running against Phil in the District Attorney Election

Why is Fred Contesting Phil for the Position of District Attorney?

Fred Wilkes is the Chief-of-Police of Los Angeles in ‘Bel-Air.’ Phil’s poll ratings increase among ordinary people once he unveils his proposal to defund the police, but he loses the support of the LAPD and his close buddy Fred.

In episode 6, Phil learns that a big supporter has dropped out of his campaign, and Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) learns why: they’ve found a new candidate to back in Fred.

This, combined with Viv’s discovery of Fred’s affair, leads to a conflict at the fundraiser, which leads to Angela and Fred’s departure.