ID’s On the Case With Paula Zahn 16×01 A Nightmare in Idaho Falls: Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy Murders

Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy Murders

Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy Murders – Investigative Discovery’s series ‘On the Case With Paula Zahn‘ examines an incredibly violent crime that struck Idaho Falls, Idaho. Season 16, episode 1, titled “A Nightmare in Idaho Falls,” delves deep into the tragic tale of Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy – two close friends whose lives were tragically cut short. In late July 1989, unspeakable horror occurred within the confines of a seemingly ordinary home, sending shockwaves through the community.

Investigators were shocked and appalled to learn of another unspeakable act committed just a week later in a small Texas community. However, they struggled for two long years to gather sufficient evidence against their criminal charge, grinding justice to a halt. Now, armed with all necessary ammunition, they can finally bring those responsible face-to-face with the consequences of their actions. As we investigate this case and identify its perpetrator, we will keep you updated. Let’s start our investigation and reveal the truth together.

How Did Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy Die

Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy Share Their Murder Stories

Betty Lou Hales Gray was born to Joseph Daniel Hales and Dorothy H Refine Hales on June 12, 1942, in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California. At Rancho High School in 1960, an exceptional woman emerged with an intriguing tale involving love and mystery. Our sources have unearthed this astonishing account. This captivating individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, exchanged vows with Bill Gray, the owner of Gray’s Pawn Shop located in Jackson. On June 13, 1960, they united in everlasting love and adventure. Follow along as we uncover more details of this extraordinary tale that may lie beneath its surface. Love and family were at the core of this heart-rending story as the two California residents resided there until January 1978, when life suddenly took an unexpected turn in Buena Park, California. By chance, Sara and Jeff came into their lives, forever changing the course of their story. Unbeknownst to them, Chaffey College presented our unidentified subject with a distinguished certificate in 1976 for their accomplishment in cake decoration.

In an extraordinary move that forever altered Jackson, a mysterious family known as the Grays arrived in 1978 and established their infamous Pawn Shop, Gray’s Pawn Shop. At first, they conducted their operations discreetly at 70 South Glenwood Street. However, as their criminal empire expanded further, the Grays boldly relocated their operations to West Broadway – an avenue known for its seedy underbelly. Betty began an extraordinary cake-decorating career that would forever leave an imprint on Jackson. Soon enough, her skill earned her the affectionate moniker ‘The Cake Lady.’ Before her tragic demise, Betty embarked on an endeavor that would become one of her signature ventures – creating her very own confectionary empire, appropriately named ‘Betty’s Cakes.’ Reeda Larene Jensen Roundy entered this world on March 10, 1940, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, as the daughter of Joseph Reed Jensen and Rebecca Elma Miner Jensen – her birth would mark a life that would soon become shrouded in mystery.

Gerrie Casteel, an acquaintance of Betty who recently made headlines for her unsavory behavior in this shocking case, has made an explosive claim: that Betty and Reeda, her victim in this chilling crime, shared an intimate connection and often spent time together. This new development adds another level of complexity to the unfolding investigation, leaving both authorities and members of the public questioning the nature of their relationship. As they pursue their investigation further, we can only hope that more will become clear about this complex friendship. Reeda found herself thrust into an engaging story of suspense when she became the caretaker for a house located two miles east of Idaho Falls that belonged to a family who had been away for an entire year, becoming the focus of attention in an unfolding mystery. Gerrie came forward with shocking allegations regarding Betty’s suspicious activities, further heightening Reeda’s suspicions.

Gerrie reports that Betty would visit Reeda’s residence every other month. While details regarding these visits remain elusive, we can speculate on their purpose and wonder whether Betty may have had hidden motivations for meeting so often with Reeda. As shocking news emerged, it came to light that an individual had actually visited the place before the arrival of the summer heatwave. Their motivation? Reeda needed assistance settling into her new Idaho Falls residence when tragedy struck on July 24, 1989: the lives of two friends were tragically cut short due to gunshot wounds caused by a 9mm handgun.

Investigation and Arrest

State authorities have recently revealed that Betty Gray’s extramarital affair with LeRoy Leavitt may have led her husband, Gray, down an illicit path. Gray appears to have carefully planned to rid himself of his wife without leaving any sign of their involvement. Recently, he made headlines by purchasing a historic 1971 International Travelall through questionable means. Gray registered their vehicle under an assumed identity to conceal their true identity, then set off on an exciting yet dangerous journey at midnight on July 24, 1989, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with their trusty Travelall to Idaho Falls’ Eastern Idaho Medical Center – their goal.

Gray orchestrated an audacious plan by skillfully maneuvering his Travelall to a good spot near the Medical Center and leaving no trace of himself behind. Without raising suspicions, he then embarked on an exciting bicycle ride of precisely 3.6 miles before reaching his intended goal. Roundy’s residence had become where Betty Gray had taken shelter overnight. However, according to government allegations, a severe crime occurred there. Official reports state that Gray, the primary suspect, fired an AK-9 handgun that fatally struck both Betty Gray and Roundy in their heads, leaving their families and authorities searching for answers. This tragic event sent shockwaves through the community and left officers scrambling for answers.

A stunning development in the Gray case was revealed when the prosecution announced their theory: Gray allegedly planned and staged his crime scene to mimic a ritualistic cult killing. The prosecution believes Gray conceived of this plot to divert attention away from himself and his involvement in committing such a horrifying act. Gray displayed remarkable agility and resourcefulness when he quickly mounted the bike and set off on an adventure spanning an incredible 3.6-mile trip, eventually returning to the medical center. Undaunted by any challenges he would encounter along his journey, Gray then commandeered an intimidating Travelall vehicle he deftly navigated around Jackson Hole’s treacherous roads.

Unbelievably, new information indicates that Gray, the main suspect in this ongoing investigation, may have misled authorities in several regards, casting severe doubt on his credibility and making him look less than trustworthy. One area in which Gray’s statements have come under scrutiny concerns his claims that he owns a vehicle similar to the Travelall. These initial claims have now come under severe suspicion, casting doubt upon them.

Authorities are conducting further inquiries to ascertain the truth surrounding Gray’s purported ownership, unraveling any possible deceitful schemes or motivations behind his ownership of Travelalls. Investigators need to be more problematic at work attempting to uncover the motivations for Gray’s acquisition of this specific vehicle. Was it random, or did it play a sinister role in unfolding events? While the truth remains elusive, law enforcement remains focused on uncovering any hidden secrets.

Surprisingly, one of the key figures in the state’s case turned out, Steve Mackley, a security guard at Eastern Idaho Medical Center, emerged as a critical figure in the state’s case. Mackley made an ominous observation at approximately 3:00 a.m. on July 24, 1989. He reported seeing an individual of undetermined age entering the premises of the medical center. Mackley noticed something peculiar about this middle-aged figure: they rode a bicycle. He carefully observed their actions and saw them store the bicycle inside a vehicle with Wyoming license plates. Details surrounding this incident remain unknown, leaving many unanswered questions. Why did this individual choose to use a bicycle as their mode of transport and conceal it within a vehicle registered in Wyoming? Authorities will continue their probe and delve deeper into this puzzling incident.

Mackley provided conflicting descriptions of the vehicle involved during a series of statements to the police, baffling investigators. He described the mysterious car as a Jeep and a “suburban-type vehicle” and suggested it may be an International. These conflicting reports added further intrigue and mystery to Mackley’s investigation. With keen intuition, he slowly closed in on an enigmatic figure who seemed distant, his eyes fixed on every move they made. Mackley approached each individual he interviewed with authority, determined to uncover any truth concealed beneath their surface lies.

In his compelling testimony before the jury, he recounted events in a dimly lit parking lot. Mackley used an unwavering determination in applying a beam of light from his flashlight across a man’s face with pinpoint precision, leaving no room for doubt or ambiguity. About one minute after meeting this gentleman, who sweated profusely while showing signs of exhaustion, Mackley engaged him in conversation before leaving with an exhausted middle-aged Caucasian gentleman sporting flushed cheeks and perspiration marks on his forehead.

An unusual encounter occurred when Mackley met an individual wearing a medical identification bracelet and glasses who claimed to be retrieving a vehicle for acquaintances from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mackley quickly alerted authorities to the disturbing murders that shocked the community to shed light on these unfolding events. As the key witness in this ongoing investigation, Mackley provided an in-depth description of the individual he engaged with to aid police artists in creating a composite sketch. Although Mackley accurately described the individual, there was one significant discrepancy: he stated that the person did not possess any facial hair, emphasizing, “No mustache, beard, or anything!”

Gray could be seen wearing an impressive full beard on the night in question. Three days after this incident occurred, Mackley received a jaw-dropping five-person photographic lineup from the police as a surprising development. Mackley scrutinized each face, searching for one that best matched his vivid memory of the individual. Unbeknownst to anyone, he pointed an accusatory finger at Gray and confidently declared, “The person I recall from photograph 3 is none other than Gray!” Mackley was preoccupied with facial hair, so he inquired with authorities regarding the timing of an image he saw online.

Mackley encountered Gray at a nearby hospital just days after their initial encounter in the medical center parking lot. Mackley quickly identified Gray as the same individual spotted with the bicycle and Travelall earlier. Astonishingly, Mackley revealed that the suspect’s facial hair failed to fool him again. Mackley was undeterred by Gray’s deft disguise and confidently commented, “This time around, his facial hair did not take me by surprise as I had already noticed it in his photograph. Indeed, its presence adds another level of intrigue and mystery to this investigation.”

Who Killed Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy

Prosecution of William Gray

Three long years have passed since Gray allegedly committed his heinous crimes, and now, three years after their occurrence, he faces severe consequences. Gray has been officially charged with two counts of first-degree murder. These charges cannot be underestimated; they carry some of the harshest legal ramifications possible. Justice has begun. Today, Betty Gray’s sister took the stand and revealed startling details that shed light on her turbulent personal life and explain why her sister died at such a young age. Testifying under oath, Gray’s sister revealed that Gray confided in her about her desire to end her marriage and start fresh with another person. Furthermore, it emerged that Gray was well aware that her current spouse knew about the extramarital affair.

Moreover, Gray’s sister revealed that she had planned for Gray to meet up with her paramour on the same day she met her tragic end, adding another layer of complexity to an already challenging case. Defense counsel representing Mr. Gray, who stands accused of an atrocious murder, made an unexpected legal move by asking for evidence suggesting potential involvement from additional suspects in this heinous crime. Lawyers from two law firms, determined to shed light on whether someone other than their client might have played a part in this bizarre case, set out on an investigation.

Stay tuned as this riveting trial plays out, revealing all its unexpected twists and turns that could potentially alter its course. In a stunning turn of events, the judge overseeing this case issued a controversial ruling disallowing evidence that might shed light on Roundy’s death, including statements she made before her untimely demise informing relatives that an ex-partner had given threats against her life.

With all this potentially pertinent evidence at their fingertips, the judge deemed it inadmissible, leaving many questioning its impact on the pursuit of justice. Yet, in an astonishing turn of events, Gray was found guilty and given a sentence that would keep him behind bars until the end of his days. Courtroom tension rose as Judge DeBattista delivered her verdict, leaving no room for doubt as to who had won the legal battle. An appeals court upheld these convictions, and in October 1977, the Supreme Court provided further confirmation by unanimously agreeing with their ruling and cementing its outcome.

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