Bill Hall Jr Murder Case: Where is Frances Hall Today?

Bill Hall Jr Murder

Bill Hall Jr Murder: Where is Frances Hall Now? – Police discover a crashed motorcycle and Francis Hall beside her injured husband, Bill Hall Jr., who eventually dies in the hospital, after receiving a report about a car chase. The inquiry into the crash reveals a narrative of love, betrayal, and passion.

Frances, 54, is suspected of killing Bill by crashing her Cadillac Escalade into his motorbike, then hitting another SUV driven by his lover, Bonnie Contreras, in a highway chase on Oct. 10, 2013, on South Loop 1604. Bill was 50 years old at the time.

In October 2013, businessman Bill Hall Jr. died in what appeared to be a catastrophic traffic accident. The truth, however, was considerably darker, as the narrative involving Bill’s wife and his lover revealed. ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Love, Sex, and Trucking‘ on Investigation Discovery focus on the drastically divergent accounts of what transpired that day, and the court battles that followed.

Years later, Andrea Canning of NBC Dateline will cover the death of businessman Bill Hall Jr. in a car accident. The episode, titled Collison, airs on Friday, September 9, 2022, at 10/9c.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, here’s what you should know.

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How Did Bill Hall Jr. Die
Bill Hall Jr. with family

What Caused Bill Hall Jr.’s Death?

Bill Hall Jr. was born in Bexar, Texas, in July 1963. He had been seeing Frances Hall since they were 16 years old, and the two married when they were 18 years old. The pair bought a vehicle in the late 1980s and turned it into a thriving business, turning the trucking company into a multi-million dollar operation. Justin and Dominique AKA Nikki, Bill and Frances’ son and daughter, were born to them.

Several witnesses contacted 911 on October 10, 2013, to report two SUVs racing on a two-lane roadway in Texas. Not long after that, authorities discovered 50-year-old Bill, who had been thrown off the road and onto the grass, clinging to his life.

He was riding his motorcycle without a helmet and sustained severe blunt force damage as a result. Bill was brought to the hospital, but he died later that day from his injuries.

Who Killed Bill Hall Jr.
Bill Hall Jr. wife Frances Hall

Who Was Bill Hall Jr.’s killer?

Frances and Bill had been married for over three decades. Bill had, however, cheated on his wife for many years, according to Hank Hall, Bill’s best friend and cousin. Frances was aware of it, yet she forgave him. Bill had been dating Bonnie Contreras, a former exotic dancer, for around three years at the time of the event.

According to her, Bill stated that he was in the process of divorcing his wife. Bonnie expressed her love for Bill and her desire to start a family with him. By 2013, Bill’s friends assumed he wasn’t as interested in Bonnie as he had been, and he began avoiding her, prompting Bonnie to threaten to inform Frances, which she did.

Bonnie allegedly wrote repeated mocking texts to Frances over the next two weeks, according to Bill’s acquaintances. Not only that, but Hank claims Bonnie gave him naked photos of her having sex with Bill. He went on to say that after seeing the photos, Frances punched Bill and ejected him from the house a day before the incident.

Frances was driving home after a niece’s volleyball game on October 10, 2013, when she noticed Bonnie in another car. By this time, she had known about the affair for some weeks. So Frances confronted Bonnie, expressing her desire to say, “Leave me the freak alone already.”

That is all there is to it. I’m afraid I won’t be able to accommodate you. You can have him if you want him. Just forget about me and my family.” Bill, who was riding his motorcycle, was also on the same route.

However, Bonnie and Frances told different tales about what transpired afterwards. Bonnie claims she was hit from behind while driving on the interstate, and when she turned around to see who it was, she saw Frances.

Bonnie claimed she hit her bumper at least 15 times, but Bill stepped in between the two cars, with Frances in the rear, at some point during the high-speed collision. Bonnie remembered Frances slamming into Bill from behind and pursuing her.

Bonnie Contreras
Bonnie Contreras

Frances, on the other hand, insisted that it was an accident and that Bonnie was lying. She stated that she intended to pull Bonnie over to confront her, but Bonnie declined. Bill was in the lead at first, followed by Bonnie and Frances. Bill, on the other hand, let the two automobiles pass him at some point.

Bonnie then abruptly applied the brakes, Frances explained, causing her to respond swiftly. As a result, Bill was forced to break and was thrown off the road when he collided with Frances’ automobile.

An expert for the defence testified at Frances’ trial in 2016 that Bill accidentally struck Frances’ rear window while attempting to avoid a collision, resulting in the accident. Nothing on the front end of Frances’ automobile or the back end of Bill’s bike showed she had hit her husband, he claimed.

While the prosecution admitted that Bonnie’s memory of the events was skewed, an expert testified that there was evidence of Frances hitting with her car many times. They felt she smacked Bill in the face, causing him to die.

Where is Frances Hall Now
Frances Hall was only sentenced to two years in prison for both the murder and the attack.

What Happened to Frances Hall and Where is He Now?

Frances was convicted guilty of murder and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon in September 2016, almost three years after Bill’s death. The defence, on the other hand, claimed that it was a crime of sudden passion, and that she wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Because Frances, then 53, was only sentenced to two years in prison for both the murder and the attack, the argument had an influence.

Frances was discharged from the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas, in September 2018. Her family picked her up and drove her to Helotes, Texas, for a long-awaited reunion. “It’ll always be at the back of my mind; I lost my husband,” she remarked after her release. I’ll never see him again, but I’m ready to move on.” While Frances was in prison, Justin, her estranged son, asked the court to put Bill’s portion of the business in a constructive trust for the children.

The court, however, ruled against it in December 2017, awarding Bill’s part to Frances. She returned to managing the trucking company, but stated that it was on a much smaller scale. “Did I murder my husband?” Frances always claimed she had nothing to do with the death. No. I’m not sure I can even speak that word.

Did I go after her with the intention of confronting her? Yes, and it’s something I’ll live to regret for the rest of my life.” She wished to put her family first, and she aspired to be an advocate for women in jail in the future. Frances, according to our information, still resides in San Antonio, Texas.

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