The Playboy Murders on ID: Charles Gold Murder: Where Are Carole Gold and Kenneth Cottini Now?

How Did Charles Gold Die

Charles Gold Murder: Where Are Carole Gold and Kenneth Cottini Today? – The six-part true crime anthology ‘The Playboy Murders‘ investigates several deaths associated with the controversial publication. The series will premiere on Investigation Discovery and Discovery+ on January 23; it was created and executive produced by Holly Madison, a former Playboy model and Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. Madison named a few models who will be featured on the show while speaking with ET. Former Playboy bunny Carole Gold was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her husband, Charles Gold.

According to Madison’s interview with ET, each episode of the series focuses on a different murder case involving a character with ties to the Playboy universe. I believe these are vital stories to tell,” Madison said, noting that not all of them had been told previously. Madison responded, “these were real people, some of whom worked for him, and they deserve justice, and they deserve to have their stories told.”

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Charles Gold Murder

How Did Charles Gold Die? Who Killed Her?

On October 14, 1997, the Associated Press reported that former Playboy bunny Carole Gold was given a life sentence for first-degree murder and conspiracy. Carole Gold arranged for her husband, Charles Gold, to be murdered by a hired gun. Charles, 51, performed as the gunslinging Black Bart in Wild West shows. In 1992, on his way home from a convention, he was murdered outside his Phoenix, Arizona, home.

Carole claimed before her sentence that she “always loved Charles Gold” and had “nothing to do with this crime.” However, prosecutors argued that Carole and her son Kenneth Ashton Cottini had hired a hitman to kill Charles. A $150,000 life insurance payout and the ability to keep his horse stables have been suggested as possible motivations.

Charles portrayed the villain Black Bart, who wore all-black attire. He even acted the part offstage.

Ron Nelson, a former gunfighter in Black Bart’s act and Charles’ friend, claimed that many of Charles’ colleagues and associates despised him because he used humour to insult and humiliate them. Sharon Novoselski, another one of Charles’ ex-gunfighting partners, added, “You either liked him or despised him.”

Where Are Carole Gold and Kenneth Cottini Now

Where Are Carole Gold and Kenneth Cottini Today?

The prosecution of Kenneth’s mother and son was aided by the evidence of the tracked-down heroin dealer, Robert Pryor. Pryor stated that Kenneth had asked him for a hitman’s number to murder his stepfather and that he had provided Kenneth Dan Goddard’s number. The hitman was granted amnesty to testify against Carole and Kenneth for ordering Chuck’s murder.

The inquiry revealed a financial motive for the murder: the conspirators desired Chuck’s $150,000 life insurance payout and stables. A jury found Carole guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy in October 1997. Life in prison without the chance of parole was her sentence. Carole stated, “I have always respected Charles Gold; I have nothing to do with this crime.”

In October 1997, after being charged with second-degree murder and had his defence attorney refer to him as the “messenger boy,” Kenneth pled guilty and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Robert, his drug supplier, also made a deal and was given a 20-year term.

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