How and When Did Chris “Willow” Wilson Die?

How and When Did Chris “Willow” Wilson Die? – Wild Croc Territory,” an Australian nature reality show, follows Matt Wright and his crew of crocodile rescuers as they move these deadly reptiles to a spot where they and the local population can live peacefully. The 30-minute-long show comprises ten episodes, each featuring a crew member who went away for a short period after the filming.

The brave “Outback WranglerMatt Wright and his crocodile catchers are followed in Wild Croc Territory in the Australian Northern Territory as they relocate these cunning and dangerous reptiles far from people. His family follows him on his adventures as they temporarily build their new home on Tiwi island.

Matt Wright and his daring team of crocodile handlers capture and relocate some of the most vicious reptiles in the world in Australia’s remote Outback in the new Netflix documentary “Wild Croc Territory.” 

Chris Wilson and the show’s viewers are curious about his death and want to know how and when he died. Let’s start learning about his death.

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Who Was Chris “Willow” Wilson?

Chris Wilson gained fame mainly as a result of his appearance on the outdoor programme Outback Wrangler. The show, which airs in more than 100 nations, is filmed in secluded locations of the Northern Territory.

Wilson, Matt Wright, and John Brown commandeered helicopters, airboats, and other big vehicles to enter the remote areas of the Outback NT for the duration of the event, where they interacted with and moved saltwater crocodiles.

In 2020, Wilson and Wright went to Indonesia to assist the local government in removing a tyre that had become tangled around the neck of a 4-meter-long crocodile.

Wilson identified himself as an outback explorer and crocodile handler on his Instagram page. It provided a glimpse into a life spent primarily in a helicopter flying through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the NT.

How Did Chris Willow Wilson Die

How Did Chris “Willow” Wilson Die?

Chris Wilson, a National Geographic star and cast member of Outback Wrangler, passed away on February 28 after his chopper crashed in a remote area of Australia’s Northern Territory. Wilson passed away when he was 34 years old.

Chris “Willow” Wilson perished when the helicopter he was hanging approximately 30-meters below crashed into trees in West Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Near the helicopter wreckage, at a distance of roughly 40 metres, Mr. Wilson was found dead from his injuries.

Stuart Macleod, director of transport safety for the ATSB, stated that “initial examination suggested the engine had stopped before the helicopter crashed with the ground.”

He further mentioned that the rotor blade had repeatedly collided with a tree trunk before the helicopter crashed. With a line and harness fastened to the helicopter, Mr. Wilson could rappel down into inaccessible wetlands and collect crocodile eggs.

Chris Willow Wilson Death

When Mr. Robinson didn’t reply to radio signals, another helicopter crew discovered the helicopter’s wreckage. According to the report, they hadn’t yet collected any eggs; therefore, it’s thought to have crashed 90 minutes before the wreckage was discovered.

Following Mr. Wilson’s death, The Fordham Company, the company in charge of producing Outback Wrangler, made a homage.

The firm announced at the time that “Matt Wright, his family, and colleagues are absolutely grieved by the unfortunate event yesterday in Arnhem Land.” The statement read, “(They) are grieved by the loss of their best friend and highly esteemed colleague Chris “Willow” Wilson.” We send our love and best wishes to Chris’s wife, Danielle and their two little sons, Ted and Austin.

Wilson leaves behind his wife, Danielle, his boys, Ted and Austin, and himself. His professional history and educational background are still unknown.

You can stream “Wild Croc Territory” documentary series on Netflix.