What Happened to the Daughters of Celeste Beard? Where Are They Now?

where are celeste beard daughters now
Celeste Beard's Daughters Jennifer (right) and Kristina Beard (left). source: IMDB

Jennifer and Kristina Beard Now – Where are Celeste Beard daughters Today?ABC’sWho Do You Believe?‘ is as chaotic as it is engaging as a docuseries that looks deep into compelling real-life instances from all sides of an incident (without any noticeable bias). As a result, episode 3 of its first season, which features the terrible 1999 homicide of self-made millionaire Steven Beard by his wife Celeste Beard, is no exception.

So, if you want to discover more about Celeste’s children, Jennifer and Kristina, who have always believed in her mother’s wrongdoing in the case, we’ve got you covered.

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where are celeste beard daughters
Celeste Beard and Steven Beard with Jennifer and Kristina Beard.

Jennifer and Kristina Beard: Who Are They?

Celeste Beard Johnson, then 17 years old, and her first of many husbands, welder Craig Bratcher, gave birth to identical twins Jennifer and Kristina in the early 1980s. According to the girls’ testimonies, after their parents’ marriage fell apart, their mother travelled with them from state to state, tying the knot numerous times along the way, severing their relationship.

That’s because the sisters believe they were completely ignored by Celeste – not only did they hardly receive any love or compassion from her, but Jennifer can’t even recall the last time they hugged.

Following her third unsuccessful marriage in 1993, Celeste and her girls moved to Texas, where she met and married widower Steven Beard, a man 35 years her senior. According to Jennifer and Kristina, whom he’d officially adopted a month before they turned 18, while he was truly yearning for friendship, she was only pursuing his money.

“He was amusing. “I truly got attached to him,” she once remarked about her stepfather, adding that he treated the twins like family in addition to giving them with much-needed stability.

Because Steven’s shooting unmistakably upset Jennifer and Kristina, they were ready to pinpoint Celeste’s friend Tracey Tarlton as their suspect when interviewed. While the latter observed that her mother appeared unconcerned, her sister began recording what she assumed to be violent phone conversations from her, informing her that she’d “hired someone to kill Tracey,” prompting them to draw the conclusion. They additionally claimed that their mother would frequently drug Steven’s food or drinks in order to sneak out to Tracey’s late at night.

Where Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard Now
Kristina Beard now Kristina Fritz

Jennifer and Kristina Beard: Where Are They Now?

Celeste’s argument was that her children were greedy and deceptive. Jennifer and Kristina testified against their mother during her murder trial in 2002, citing all of the information above. Celeste’s conviction gave the kids a piece of their mother’s inheritance — an estimated $2 million — because they were specifically listed in Steven’s will, alongside his daughters from his first marriage. Jennifer and Kristina were not motivated by money, according to the prosecutors, judge, or jury; they only wanted justice.

In terms of the twins’ current whereabouts, while both Jennifer and Kristina choose to keep their personal lives out of the public these days, we do know that they suffered another tragedy in 2017. On October 29, Jennifer along with two others, were shot numerous times by her then-roommate Randall Jones at her Halloween party in Austin, Texas.

One of the victims regrettably died, while Jennifer apparently required 10 surgeries to heal from the wounds to her stomach, which left her short of breath. Kristina, who has made a successful career as Kristina Fritz in California, claims that her sister is unable to work and consequently relies on her for financial support.

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