Deadly Women: Where Is Lisa Shuler Now?

Where Is Lisa Shuler Now

When first responders arrived at the scene of Charles Pierce’s murder, they assumed he had broken into Lisa Shuler‘s home and had been shot in self-defense by her. Further research, however, revealed a hot romance and an unusual dream that led to the terrible murder.

Deadly Women: Tipping Point,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the murder and reveals how superb detective work helped bring the criminal to justice. Let’s take a look at the case information and see where Lisa stands right now.

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Who is Lisa Shuler
Lisa Shuler

Lisa Shuler, Who is She?

Lisa Shuler was 32 years old at the time of her murder, and despite being legally married, she appeared to be estranged from her spouse. She lived alone in New Albany, Indiana, and was romantically linked with Charles Pierce, a 49-year-old Kentucky native.

On May 6, 2013, New Albany 911 operators received a frightening call from Lisa, who stated that an intruder had broken into her home. On the phone, she seemed nervous and worried about her safety, so first responders were deployed to her residence right away.

Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce

When the cops arrived, they discovered Lisa holding a .45-caliber revolver, while the claimed invader lay on the floor. Lisa had clearly shot him at close range, but the intruder’s pants were pulled all the way down, which the cops found odd.

Despite the fact that Pierce was alive, he was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Lisa, on the other hand, contended that she acted in self-defense and had no intention of killing Pierce, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

When the cops got their hands on Charles Pierce’s phone, they discovered a slew of text conversations between him and Lisa, implying that they were having an affair.

Furthermore, the texts discussed Lisa’s rape fantasies and how the couple had determined to act on them on the night of the murder.

Bloody scene: Officers who responded to Shuler’s home on Wabash Avenue on the night of May 6, 2013, found Pierce lying on the ground riddled with bullets.

As a result, the police questioned Lisa a second time, expecting she would confess to her role in Pierce’s killing. During the second round of questioning, Lisa gave in to the pressure and admitted to having a romantic relationship with Pierce.

Pierce was prepared to share intimate images of their activities to her husband, according to the episode, so she said she had called him to her house to enact her fantasy. Lisa wanted to get rid of Pierce once and for all since she didn’t want her husband to find out about her acts.

Before Pierce came over that night, the suspect claimed she deleted most of their text exchanges. Then, after participating in sexual acts with him, Lisa took her revolver from its holster and shot her lover.

She then attempted to delete the messages from his phone while dialling 911, but was unable. The police assumed the slaying was premeditated because they had a thorough confession on their hands, so they arrested Lisa Shuler before charging her with murder.

Where Is Lisa Shuler Today
Lisa Shuler, New Albany, is escorted to Floyd County Superior Court No. 3 for a sentencing hearing at the City-County Building in downtown New Albany. Staff photo by Christopher Fryer

What Has Happened to Lisa Shuler?

Lisa Shuler was brought to court and pled not guilty, but she was unable to persuade the jury of her innocence. After a quick trial, she was found guilty of murdering Charles Pierce and sentenced to 45 years in jail in 2014.

Lisa is currently detained at Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she will be eligible for release in 2034 after serving her minimum mandatory sentence.