Does Hugo (Alberto Ammann) Die in “The Longest Night” Show?

Does Hugo Die in The Longest Night

Does Hugo (Alberto Ammann) Die in ‘The Longest Night’? – The crime action thriller series “The Longest Night” on Netflix, also known as “La noche más larga,” has a convoluted and twisting plot. The story centres on what happens when a group of armed men break into a mental institution and demand that a specific prisoner be turned over on a specific night. Additionally, the story mostly focuses on the few hours immediately preceding the disaster, with very little and sparing usage of earlier events. Due to its fast-paced action setting, “The Longest Night” offers an enjoyable experience overall, but ultimately feels too disorganised to offer much enjoyment.

Hugo Roca, played by Argentine actor Alberto Ammann, is one of the two main characters in Netflix’s “The Longest Night,” along with Luis Callejo’s Simón Lago, a serial killer known as “The Alligator,” and is best known for playing Cali Cartel boss Pacho Herrera in “Narcos” and its spin-off series “Narcos: Mexico.” One of the last psychiatric jails in the nation, Baruca Hill Psychiatric Correctional Facility, is run by Hugo. Simón is taken to Baruca Hill rather than a maximum-security facility for the night before his scheduled court appearance the next morning, much to the surprise of Hugo and his staff.

Hugo learns that his daughter Laura has been abducted, and he must not give Simón to the armed group attacking Baruca Hill if he wants to see Laura again. This requires him to risk not only his own life but also the lives of his employees, patients, and prisoners. We answered your question on whether Hugo passes away in “The Longest Night.”

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Does Hugo Die

Does Hugo (Alberto Ammann) Die in Upcoming Episodes?

The first season of “The Longest Night” does not feature Hugo’s demise. The first season’s entirety occurs on Christmas Eve. The season ended at a little after one in the morning. Hugo is getting ready to eat supper with his three kids, Laura (Maria Caballero), Guille, and Alicia when he first hears that Simón will soon be at Baruca. Laura rushes off to her mother’s house in rage when he informs them that they must alter their plans, but the other two consent to accompany him to Baruca Hill so they can share a meal.

Hugo is first informed by Simón that the night will be lengthy. Hugo feels uneasy about the possibility that the serial killer knows his name. He thinks Simón and his associates outside are after him when Laura is abducted. Hugo must make a decision that ultimately isn’t a decision at all. He disregards the people he employs and the children entrusted to his care because, like any good father, he puts his child’s safety first.

Attackers, security personnel, and patients or inmates perish in the ensuing bloodshed. When Macarena Montes protests and tries to hand Simón over to the attackers, Hugo even throws her off the roof, apparently killing her. Macarena Montes was a security guard who joined Hugo’s team for the evening.

It is made clear that the assailants are police. Finally, Hugo is able to make contact with Laura’s presumed captors and provide them with the code demonstrating Simón’s continued survival. Lennon (José Luis Garca Pérez) confronts Hugo in one of the season’s closing scenes and claims that he is to blame for all the fatalities. He is not entirely off-base here, either. Hugo didn’t really have a choice, but then again.

Hugo ought to have told him about his daughter, according to Lennon. Hugo, though, notes that he didn’t know Lennon and witnessed him execute three prisoners after Hugo initially refused to turn Simón over.

Hugo reveals to Lennon that he failed to mention the fact that the assailants were actually police who were searching for Simón when he called the emergency services to report an armed group attacking Baruca Hill. Lennon learns from Hugo that if he wants to leave Baruca Hill, he must make a deal.

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