The Crown: Who Is Princess Diana’s Close Friend Dr. James Colthurst? Where Is He Now?

Who Is Princess Diana's Close Friend Dr. James Colthurst

Who Is Princess Diana’s Close Friend Dr. James Colthurst? Where Is Dr. James Now? – On November 9, 2022, Netflix’s fifth season of The Crown debuted, shedding light on yet another fascinating period in the political and historical lives of the British Royal Family.

The turbulent decade of the 1990s, when many things weren’t going well for the royalty, is where this season is situated. The fifth season featured a new cast and explored several real-life and made-up events that occurred in the years after the fourth season.

The Crown has succeeded in creating a complex network of characters that spans decades and many less significant people who are not members of the royalty, despite the enormous history that the show has to cover.

James Colthurst is one of the significant characters that was first presented in The Crown’s fifth season. Here is everything you need to know about the newest character on The Crown and the actor portraying him.

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Who Is Princess Diana's Close Friend Dr. James Colthurst

Who Is James Colthurst in ‘The Crown’?

The Crown season five introduces James Colthurst as Princess Diana’s confidante and her point of contact with the biographer Andrew Morton.

When she was 17 years old, Lady Diana Spencer met James Colthurst while on a ski trip in France. Diana twisted her ankle while skiing and Colthurst attended to the wound. The two subsequently grew good friends quite quickly. Colthurst expressed his sentiments regarding their first meeting on Diana’s 60th birthday. It was difficult not to like Diana right away since she was “good fun, bright, and naughty,” the author said. “And thus started the friendship she and I kept for the remainder of her short, colorful life.”

For Andrew Morton’s book “Diana: Her True Story,” Dr. James Colthurst was a key contributor.

Diana: Her True Story, written by Andrew Morton in 1992, was made into a movie thanks primarily to Colthurst. Colthurst would deliver Diana’s taped comments to the journalist along with Morton’s questions as they worked on the story. He admitted, “Initially, I sat and read out the questions, but it was too slow for Diana. I peddled in with a briefcase in the bicycle basket.

She stole the questions from me and left after putting the microphone on herself and turning on the tape recorder.

Oliver Chris portrays Dr. James Colthurst in Season 5 of “The Crown.”

Despite being Diana’s best friend and confidant for a significant portion of her life, Colthurst’s character receives less attention in Season 5. In the television series The Crown, Oliver Chris, 44, plays Colthurst, who mostly acts as a go-between between Morton and Diana. His demeanour nevertheless conveys the severity of the intimate knowledge Colthurst had of Diana’s private life.

Chris is no stranger to playing characters who are royal or closely related to the monarchy. He has previously starred in a number of films, including King Charles III, The Queen and I, and A Very British Scandal. Additionally, he has made guest appearances in well-known British sitcoms like The Office, Green Wing, and Bluestone 42. Off-screen, plays on Broadway and in the West End have included Chris’s work.

Where Is Dr. James Colthurst Today

Where Is Dr. James Colthurst Today?

Since 1990, James Colthurst has been married and has been living in Berkshire. Domique Coles, his wife, and their kids Cicely and Leah all reside with him. He now serves as the director of a medical research company in addition to being a doctor.

Netflix has started streaming The Crown season 5.