Emily in Paris Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Photos & Spoilers

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‘Emily in Paris,’ a Netflix comedy-drama, follows Emily, a feisty and quirky Chicagoan, as she pursues her dream job as a marketing executive in Paris.

The performance, which was created by Darren Star (of ‘Sex and the City‘ fame), was well-received by both fans and critics due to its varied dress and beautiful imagery.

Fans have been eager to learn what happens to Emily, a non-French speaker, as she navigates the dramatic highs and lows of job and romance in the City of Love and Lights since the episode premiered on October 2, 2020.

Clearly, a 2nd season is required to follow Emily’s journey through the wealthy Parisian milieu. Season 2 of ‘Emily in Paris’ has everything you need to know!

Release Date for Emily in Paris Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Emily in Paris’ premiered on Netflix on October 2, 2020, with all ten episodes. Each episode lasts between 24 and 34 minutes.

We have some exciting news for Season 2! On November 11, 2020, Netflix officially announced that the program will be renewed for a second season.

The new season’s filming began on May 3, 2021, and ended on August 4, 2021. Season 2 is divided into ten episodes, each lasting 30 minutes.

If all goes according to plan, the show’s second season will premiere by the end of 2021. As a result, viewers may anticipate binge-watching season 2 of “Emily in Paris” in late 2021.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Trailer / Promo

Emily in Paris Season 2 Promotional Photos

Who could appear in Emily in Paris Season 2?

The main cast will return in their roles from the first season. In season 2,

Lily Collins reprises her role as Emily Cooper, with Lucas Bravo reprising his role as her love interest Gabriel.

  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as her strict French boss Sylvie Grateau,
  • Ashley Park as her best friend Mindy Chen,
  • Charles Martins as her other love interest Mathieu Cadault,
  • Camille Razat as Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s good friend Camille,
  • Camille Razat as Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s good friend Camille,
  • Camille Razat as Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s good friend Camille,
  • Camille Razat as Gabriel’s girlfriend and
  • Emily’s good Antoine Lambert is played by William Abadie,
  • Pierre Cadault is played by Jean-Christophe Bouvet,
  • Julien is played by Samuel Arnold,
  • Madeline Wheeler is played by Kate Walsh,
  • Luc is played by Bruno Gouery, and
  • Paul Brossard is played by Arnaud Viard.

Lucien Laviscount (of ‘Scream Queens‘ fame) is set to join the second season as banker Alfie, who, as a non-French speaking Londoner, clashes with the ambitious Emily.

In the upcoming season, Jeremy O. Harris will play fashion designer Gregory Elliott Dupree, while Arnaud Binot will play nightclub owner Laurent G.

What is the plot of Emily in Paris Season 2?

Emily is juggling her work, love life, and hectic Parisian atmosphere in Season 1.

A love triangle develops, American values clash with those of the French, the advertising industry’s endemic sexism emerges, fashion and career choices are questioned, and friendships are put to the test in the face of amorous ambitions.

Emily, Mathieu, and Pierre celebrate their Fashion Week stunt at Gabriel’s restaurant at the end of the first season.

Emily experiences a brief period of happiness, achievement, and tranquilly before being thrust back into a tumultuous job and love life.

Emily’s life and decisions will be explored more in Season 2. Emily will be forced to pick between her crush and her best friend, and the intricate scenario between Emily, Gabriel, and Camille will undoubtedly be addressed.

What will Camille think about Emily’s interest in her ex-boyfriend? “I believe Camille will be enraged for a short period of time, but she adores Emily.

So, as an adult, she’ll just talk to her about it and attempt to figure out why they did what they did.

And how will they deal with this? “I think Camille, in any case, wants to continue friends with Emily,” said Razzat, who plays the attractive Frenchwoman Camille.

Emily’s romantic relationship with Mathieu will very certainly be scrutinised.

There’s also Gabriel and Antoine’s restaurant agreement, which allows Gabriel to stay in Paris and maybe be with Emily while also highlighting Antoine’s sleazy nature as a perfume magnate.

I believe Antoine is a shady character and his intentions… I don’t have faith in him. Working with Gabriel, I believe, is a deadly combination,” remarked creator Darren Star.

Overall, we anticipate even more dramatic romance and work-related challenges in Season 2, as befitting the metropolis of Paris.