Fake Hit Man Plan Murder: Where are Diane Hart and Vickie Brill Now?

Where are Diane Hart and Vickie Brill Now

Diane Hart and Vickie Brill’s close relationship never sat well with Diane’s then-husband, Gene Hart. However, in November 2013, he learned of the sisters’ disturbing plot to assassinate him.

Twisted Sisters: Murder Has Two Faces‘ on Investigation Discovery details how authorities closed a quick investigation and thwarted the murder-for-hire plot. So, shall we then ascertain what happened to Diane and Vickie?

Who Are Diane Hart and Vickie Brill

Diane Hart and Vickie Brill: Who Are They?

Vickie Brill and Diane Hart grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Vickie is the eldest child of six, and Diane had a twin brother named Dean Wilson.

Diane moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in August 1994 and eventually settled in Ravenna with Gene Hart.

They married in 1996, and Diane also lived there with her two daughters from a previous relationship. Vickie and her family were said to have moved in with the Harts after Vickie’s home burned down in September 2013.

Diane worked as a cashier at a local store at the time of the incident. However, Diane and Gene’s relationship deteriorated over time, and on November 11, 2013, she filed for divorce.

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According to the show, Gene froze Diane’s access to their joint bank accounts and credit cards on November 8. Gene approached the police two days later with an unsettling claim. He had learned from Dean that Diane intended to assassinate Gene.

The authorities investigated the claim and discovered that Vickie had spoken with Dean about having Gene murdered. While he initially dismissed her, he became concerned as she spoke more specifically about it and when it would occur.

As a result, Dean contacted Gene, who then contacted the police. The police then conducted an undercover operation; Dean called Vickie and set up a meeting, claiming to have a friend who could carry out the killing. This was, however, a police officer.

Vickie Lynn Brill
Vickie Lynn Brill (pictured) speaks with the undercover cop about her brother-in-law’s planned death. (WXMI)

On November 13, 2013, at approximately 1 p.m., Diane and Vickie met the undercover officer in a parking lot of a nearby shopping mall.

The two women discussed the murder with him, going into detail about the manner in which it would occur. They intended for it to occur that night and planned to leave the garage door open.

The sisters discussed shooting Gene in the face or chest in the garage. They eventually agreed to pay $5000 for the hit by giving the officer jewellery as a down payment.

Diane, who was 45 at the time, and Vickie, who was 50 at the time, were arrested on the same day.

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Diane Hart and Vickie Brill

What Has Happened to Diane Hart and Vickie Brill?

Authorities suspected a financial motive. According to the show, Gene Hart’s 401k savings totaled approximately $300,000, and his life insurance policy was worth more than $200,000.

Diane and Vickie entered not guilty pleas to solicitation to commit murder. Diane was sentenced to six to thirty years in prison in April 2014.

“I’m just sorry for this mess,” she stated during her sentencing. I wish I hadn’t been dragged into it.”

Vickie received the same sentence as her sister – 6 to 30 years in prison – in June 2014. Both were released from prison in November 2020, according to prison records.

The sisters have kept a low profile since then, with their last known location being Ravenna, Michigan.

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