Furioza (2021) Movie Review and Ending Explained

furioza 2021 movie review and ending explained

Furioza Movie Review – Furioza (2021), a new Polish film from Netflix, begins with imagery that is diametrically opposed to the film’s overarching message. The film is loaded with violence and brutality throughout. However, the first photo, which depicts a man gazing out at the water, conveys peacefulness. There is a sense of calm in the entire image, which foreshadows the impending storm.

Initial release: 18 October 2021
Director: Cyprian T. Olencki

Cyprian T. Olencki, a Polish director who made his name with the 2017 comedy film ‘PolandJa,’ directed the mafia thriller film ‘Furioza‘ with cerebral immediacy. Dawid, a doctor and the brother of a notorious gang leader, who lives a low-key existence in the city, estranged from his family and fighting to cope with a past tragedy, is the protagonist of the story.

Dawid’s life, however, takes a critical turn after the reappearance of his former flame Dzika. Then, while living a double life as a police informant, he becomes further involved in the gang drama.

The suburban setting adds to the film’s gangster atmosphere. Simultaneously, the star-studded cast features some well-known figures from the Polish film industry, including veteran Polish actor Janusz Chabior. The story returns to square one, despite the dubious finale. Meanwhile, because events happen quickly, you must mentally recollect the previous minutes. Let us make it more coherent if you’re having difficulties finding meaning.

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furioza 2021 movie review

Furioza (2021) Movie Plot Synopsis

The story begins with a man heading towards the sea, and it concludes with a full circle. Meanwhile, in the subway, a gang of hooligans harasses Dawid, a doctor. Dzika, Dawid’s former flame and gang member, reappears after a ten-year absence.

After her brother Daro was killed in a brawl with a rival gang, Dzika fled the gang. She now works for the cops, reporting to neurotic officer Bauer. Dawid encounters Dzika and Bauer, who is trying to apprehend Dawid’s brother Kaszubian for his ties to the “Furioza” football hooligan group.

Antman, a rival gang boss, suspected of drug selling, and Polanski, a shady businessman who owns a Gdansk port and the XOXO nightclub, are also on the scene. Furioza residents are now frequent visitors to the lounge. Golden, a Kaszubian associate, is suspected of being involved in the narcotics trade, according to the police. The authorities are not looking for Kaszubian in particular; instead, they want to stop the narcotics network from Gdansk to Dublin.

Golden arrives shortly after Dawid meets Kamila, Zuzia, and Kaszubian at their home. Despite the evidence against them, the authorities try to halt the gang, but the hooligans generally stay one step ahead. Kaszubian is also on the lookout for rats among them, while Gray’s death suggests foul play within the group.

The tale takes a southerly turn after Kaszubian’s tragic demise. Dawid falls in love with Dzika, despite the fact that his job as a cop puts his life in jeopardy. However, we know that deeper forces are at work as Dawid leaves his informant job, promising to bring Kaszubian’s killer to justice.

furioza 2021 movie explained

Who Killed Kaszubian at the End of the ‘Furioza’ Movie?

We believe Antman killed Kaszubian at first, just like the rest of the group. Antman and Kaszubian were arch-enemies, and it was only logical for Antman, as the opposing gang boss, to order Kaszubian’s assassination. Antman’s drug-dealing operation was most likely hampered by Kaszubian’s righteousness.

Dawid quits his employment as an informant after Kaszubian’s death, promising to find and assassinate Kaszubian’s perpetrator. Kamila Kaszubian, Kaszubian’s wife, encourages Dawid to seek vengeance for his deceased brother. With the conviction, Dawid and other Furioza members bring in Polanski, a wicked businessman who enjoys Shakespeare.

Furioza members sleep in a parking lot later that night. The Furioza members T-bone the vehicle and attack Antman and his men when Antman reverses his automobile. Antman tells Dawid that Kaszubian was his lone friend and biggest foe in a face-to-face confrontation.

Antman only has respect for his erstwhile rival gang boss because he is an old-school thug with principals. However, we can’t completely trust Antman because he keeps his hands clean by enlisting the help of others to carry out his evil activities. However, security footage recovered by Dzika from the crime scene revealed the killer’s face. Golden appears to be the culprit.

Bauer turns Golden into a police informant after giving him the footage when he is in police custody. Bauer learns from Golden that Antman runs an enormous narcotics business at the port, and the cops are waiting to catch him red-handed. Meanwhile, Golden’s gang detects deception when he invites them to join hands with Antman.

Meanwhile, Dzika, a former member of Furioza, publishes the footage showing Kaszubian’s killer, demonstrating her gang allegiance and ethical bounds. Following the disclosure, the majority of gang members watch the video on the internet, enraged and ready to wreak retribution on Golden. Dzika, on the other hand, loses her job as a result of the leak.

furioza 2021 movie ending explained

Is Golden Alive or Dead in the end of the Movie?

The gang members travel to the club XOXO for a frontal fight after learning that Golden is Kaszubian’s killer. Dawid wants to kill Golden himself, but Dzika and the others persuade him not to act so hastily. After all, he is a doctor and a good citizen, and the other members reason that he has more responsibilities in the hospital than in prison.

The other members of Furioza, on the other hand, agree that Golden must die because that is the gang world’s rule. The last turn of events occurs like Julius Caesar’s dying acts, with Golden reincarnating as Brutus. Brutus, on the other hand, took his own life; Golden, on the other hand, has a far more dismal fate in store. The others determine that their families will receive alimony from the club fund even if they go to jail. As a result of this reasoning, the devoted members of Furioza proceed to stab Golden many times, resulting in Golden’s death.

Is it possible that Dawid and Dzika will end up Together? Is Dawid Alive or Dead?

The plot is held together by Dawid and Dzika’s romance. Dawid and Dzika were dating ten years before the events in the movie. However, Daro’s death seemed to put an end to their happy days. They get closer again while working on the drug bust case. Dzika and her supervisor Bauer have a rift because of Dzika’s fear for Dawid’s safety.

Meanwhile, they get personal in a few cerebrally filmed passages, one of which, especially at dusk, leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Following Golden’s death, the majority of Furioza members are sentenced to prison. Dzika, on the other hand, abandons her duties and badge to embark on an ocean voyage with Dawid, Kamila, and Zuzia.

Dawid shows Zuzia how to steer a boat while the rest of the family relaxes on the deck. However, as they approach the coast and Dawid enters what appears to be an equipment room, he is stabbed in the stomach by a hooligan. This is the same Antman’s Brigade thug who had an altercation with Dawid in the subway.

He appears resentful for the drug bust in which Antman loses a large sum of money, and he blames Dawid for the mishap. Dawid travels towards the shore in the closing segment, which connects to the first scene. Unfortunately, we don’t know if he lives or dies because of the cliffhanger. A knife wound can take several hours to heal, but in some situations, victims can bleed to death in as little as five minutes.

As a result, after analysing all of the options, we come to the conclusion that Dawid dies, depriving him of the opportunity to start a family with Dzika.

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