Gary Kenney Murder Case : Who Killed Him and Why?

Gary Kenney Murder

Gary Kenney Murder- ‘Where Murder Lies‘ investigates the murder of Gary Kenney in Merritt Island, Florida, by his son, Darryl Kenney, at the urging of his mother, Gary’s wife, Sharon Myers. Rubin Nero, a friend of Darryl’s, assisted the two. Darryl Kenney was already in prison at the time of the murder when Sharon began writing him letters alleging that Gary was assaulting her. Investigators then discovered that she had written hundreds of messages expressing her desire for her spouse to die. Darryl agreed to kill his 50-year-old father after he was freed from prison, and he sought the help of his prison mate Rubin Nero.

Gary Kenney’s body was discovered at his house in Merritt Park, Florida, in June 2008, when officials were investigating a possible burglary. Later, they discovered that he was the victim of a cold-blooded murder conspiracy orchestrated by his own wife.

Gary’s wife, Sharon Myers, their son, Darryl Kenney, and the latter’s friend Rubin Nero were all involved in the murder, according to Investigation Discovery’s ‘Where Murder Lies: Family Lies.’ So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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Gary Kenney
Gary Kenney at Jason’s Wedding.

What Caused Gary Kenney’s Death?

Gary Kenney grew raised in Pennsylvania with four other siblings. Mechanics piqued his interest as a child, and he went on to pursue a career in the industry. Gary married Sharon, his first girlfriend, in September 1982, and the couple went on to produce two sons and a daughter together. Gary and his family lived in Merritt Park at the time of the incident, and he worked at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Gary’s father reported the weapons stolen to the authorities on June 16, 2008, claiming they were Gary’s. Officers arrived at the Merritt Park residence to find a horrible scene. Gary had been brutally murdered when he was discovered. The 50-year-old was shot seven times in the back and suffered many lacerations to his wrists and neck. But it wasn’t long before the killer was apprehended; the inquiry revealed a nefarious plot to kill Gary.

Sharon Myers and Darryl Kenney
Sharon Myers and Darryl Kenney were convicted of the murder of Gary Kenney. Pic credit: FL. Dept. of Corrections

Who Killed Gary Kenney and Why?

Soon after the body was discovered, the authorities discovered Gary and Sharon’s son, Darryl, who was 22 at the time. He stole his father’s automobile and fled into the woods with his friend Rubin Nero. Darryl and Rubin were both jailed subsequently. They confessed to the crime after being interrogated. They did, however, incriminate Sharon, alleging that she was a key figure in the plot to kill her husband. Details of the sinister plot began to emerge soon after.

Darryl had just been released from prison a few days prior to the murder. He had been convicted of grand theft, burglary, and violent violence while incarcerated. Sharon wrote Darryl several letters while he was in prison, alleging that Gary was abusing her. She also stated that he attempted to rape their daughter. Sharon indicated in the letters that she wanted Gary to go for good and asked Darryl if he knew anyone who could help.

Despite the fact that there was no evidence that Gary had abused them, Darryl trusted his mother and solicited the help of Rubin, a prison buddy. When they got out of jail, they decided to murder Gary. According to accounts, Sharon arranged a motel for Darryl in the region and provided him with Gary’s car so he could pick up Rubin. Then she told her youngster about his grandfather’s weapons collection.

Amanda, Darryl’s sister, later claimed that she was aware of the plan to kill Gary. In the afternoon of that day, Amanda was requested to leave the house with her younger brother. Amanda didn’t tell her father about the plan despite seeing him on her way out. Sharon then brought the kids to get haircuts at the mall. After the murder, Darryl headed to the mall, but Sharon urged him to remove the body from the house. The authorities had already arrived at his home when he returned.

Sharon Myers and Darryl Kenney, Rubin Nero
From left Sharon Myers, Darryl Kenney, and Rubin Nero

Darryl Kenney, Rubin Nero, and Sharon Myers: Where Are They Now?

Darryl Kenney’s defence alleged that his mother influenced him into killing his father during his trial in late 2010. Despite this, he was convicted guilty of murder in the first degree, burglary, and grand theft. He was condemned to life in prison in October 2010. He is currently detained at the Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton, Florida, according to records. Rubin was found guilty of first-degree murder after authorities believed he sliced Gary’s wrists.

Rubin was also sentenced to life in prison in December 2010. Rubin is currently incarcerated at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida, where he is serving his term. Sharon, on the other hand, was found guilty of manslaughter. The 54-year-old was sentenced to ten years in jail in December 2018. Sharon is still incarcerated at Brooksville, Florida’s Hernando Correctional Institution. In August 2027, she will be eligible for release.

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