Greg Faull Murder Case: How Did He Die? Who Killed Greg Faull?

Greg Faull Murder

Greg Faull Murder: How Did Greg Faull Die? Who Killed Greg Faull? – The upcoming Netflix documentary “Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee” is centred on the contentious life of IT entrepreneur John McAfee. The intriguing and challenging parts of his life are the documentary’s main subject. It includes interviews with numerous individuals who were close friends with McAfee, giving readers a glimpse into his character.

Charlie Russell is the documentary’s director, and Curious Films is in charge of production. The documentary’s executive producer is Dov Freedman, a co-founder of Curious Films.

After Gregory Faull’s strange murder, McAfee, who had spent many years living in Belize, left the nation and was seen as a person of interest in the investigation. He was detained in October 2020 on suspicion of tax evasion, for which he was also charged. Continue reading for more information about McAfee’s lifelong legal troubles.

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Greg Faull and his mother
Six days later he was dead: Greg Faull and his mother, Eileen Keeney, 76, during a visit to his Belize home on November 4.

Gregory “Greg” Faull’s Cause of Death

When Gregory “Greg” Viant Faull, 52, unexpectedly passed away in his vacation home in San Pedro town on the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye, he was a devoted father, son, and brother. By this time, the West Virginian who had moved to Florida had established a comfortable life as a Navy veteran, successful businessman in the construction industry, and restaurateur.

However, things were about to change. He had no idea that his gradual move to Belize to explore his love of exciting new experiences and stunning waters would ultimately result in his untimely passing in November 2012.

On November 11, Greg’s neighbourhood maid discovered him lying in a pool of blood on the second floor of his opulent east coast Central American home. She immediately contacted the police. Later, it was discovered that he had a foreign fingernail implanted in his scalp and had been shot once in the back of his skull with a 9mm gun.

He also had several taser marks all over his body. The proud American’s official autopsy, which was performed on November 13, further supported the diagnosis of “brain damage due to injuries sustained from a gunshot wound to the head” as the precise cause of death.

John McAfee
Conspiracies: McAfee claims he has nothing to do with the death of Mr Faull, but is the victim of a corrupt government.

Who Killed Gregory “Greg” Faull and Why?

Greg’s laptop and his cell phone were missing, but there were no indications of a forced entrance or a break-in, so the authorities swiftly ruled out the possibility of a botched robbery. They soon discovered that he and his neighbour, John McAfee, had a long-running, violent argument, which prompted them to travel to McAfee’s house, which was only 200 yards away, to question him. However, the computer programmer/businessman was nowhere to be discovered; it is true, he had deliberately eluded them before leaving the country altogether rather than being openly cooperative.

After seeing John’s “aggressive dogs” attack a young tourist, Greg reportedly started to dislike John, leading to the two exchanging threats genuinely. Everything happened within weeks, from the former saying he’d poison the dogs to the latter actually killing his neighbour if he ever set foot on his property. Around November 8 or 9, 2012, John’s dogs were poisoned; he claimed he had to shoot four of them to end their suffering; and Greg was discovered dead a few days later, on November 12.

John allegedly said he ran away out of fear for his life because Belizean officials wanted to kill him. However, he killed Greg instead to protect his innocence in the original murder. Even though he was unsuccessful, he attempted to obtain political asylum in Guatemala before being deported back to the US after being apprehended for entering the country illegally. Seeing evidence that the billionaire businessman had hired a local to kill the Floridian, Greg’s family launched a wrongful death lawsuit against him in the country in 2013.

Greg’s estate was ultimately granted more than $25 million, including $8,400 in funeral expenses, $5 million in mental distress compensation, and $20 million in damages, but John never made a matching payment. Before his death in 2021, the person of interest in Belize—who was not a recognized suspect—had genuinely claimed that he had never been accused of murder by any authority.

It was a lawsuit wholly supported by news coverage. In addition, he claimed he could not pay the demanded sum because he had no assets or finances to his name. The fact that Greg’s murder case is still unsolved officially should be noted above all else.

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