Guy and Harper Hansman Murders: How Did Killer Ronald Delserro Die?

Guy and Harper Hansman Murders

Guy and Harper Hansman Murders: How Did Killer Ronald Delserro Die? – The locals were shaken by a fatal shooting that occurred in July 2020 in a previously calm neighbourhood. Following the incident, the authorities discovered Guy Alexander Hansman and his daughter Harper dead in their Florida home in Port St. Lucie.

Investigation Discovery episode “Fear Thy Neighbor: Gone to the Dogs” centres on how the Hansmans’ disagreement with their neighbours over a dog ended tragically and fatally. So, let’s investigate what actually occurred and identify the brutal perpetrator.

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How Did Guy and Harper Hansman Die
Harper Hansman

How Did Harper and Guy Hansman Pass Away?

Guy Alexander Hansman, a native of Long Island, has been married to Monique since they were 15 years old. They made their home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where they raised two boys before adopting Harper and Patrick. The 55-year-old patriarch was residing with Monique, Harper, 11, and Patrick at the time of the incident. Harper, an elementary school student at Morningside Elementary School in Port St. Lucie, wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Guy and Monique had previously worked as retail managers.

A 911 call was made on July 6, 2020, at 12:24 p.m., reporting an active shooter at a Port St. Lucie home. The Hansmans lived there. Guy was discovered in the garage with multiple gunshot wounds when all was over. On the other hand, Harper was shot in the heart and taken to the hospital, but she passed away from her injuries. The .9mm handgun was the used weapon.

Who Killed Guy and Harper Hansman
Ronald Delserro

Who Killed Harper and Guy Hansman and Why?

Then, Ronald Delserro was the shooter who lived with his wife Sandra, just next door to the Hansmans, as identified by investigators.

At first, the two families got along well, but the problem got started when the Delserros brought “Roxy,” a Bullmastiff. 

According to an animal control report, Roxy, who wasn’t wearing a leash, “began to go at” Monique as she walked her son’s poodle mix on March 4, 2020, morning. According to Monique, she attempted to separate the two dogs but was also attacked, suffering a bite to her arm and a gash to her head as a result.

Animal control then started looking into whether Roxy should be classified as a dangerous animal and requested that the Delserros keep Roxy in quarantine for ten days. The dog was taken from the house after the Hansmans filed a complaint against the family for disobeying the quarantine order. Although Roxy was returned on March 17, little else changed as the Hansmans often discovered Roxy outside and unattended, prompting another contact with the police.

Roxy was euthanized

At a hearing on the matter on June 24, 2020, Monique and Harper provided testimony, and the judge rejected the Delserros’ request, labelling Roxy a “dangerous animal.” The Delserros were asked to pay a fine along with specific conditions. The Delserros received Roxy’s final papers from animal control on July 1. Ronald didn’t sign the paperwork; Sandra did. The bloodbath then happened a few days later. According to the inquiry, Guy, who was in the garage, was slain first by Ronald before he entered the Hansman home with two 9mm handguns.

Harper, Monique, and Patrick were inside at the time, along with the kids’ tutor and a friend of Harper. Patrick reportedly heard the gunfire, noticed Ronald, and shouted about it, alerting Monique. Harper and her friend remained upstairs as the three left. Harper then reported the incident from inside the residence by dialing 911. Later, Monique said that her daughter had successfully diverted Ronald long enough for her companion to flee. The programme said that Ronald shot Harper from behind as she attempted to flee, killing her.

Monique Hansman’s life is shattered after losing her husband and children in a shooting in Port St. Lucie.

I haven’t heard her voice in two weeks,” Monique Hansman said. “I haven’t had a text or a phone call from my husband. You just wait for them to come around the corner and it’s like they’re not gone but they’re gone and you know it.”

I walk in that house and every memory I had is destroyed. So it’s losing them, it’s losing our life, it’s losing our memories, it’s just unbearable, it’s completely unbearable.

How Did Ronald Delserro Die
Ronald commits suicide by shooting himself the same day just after the incident.

How Did Ronald Delserro Die?

Ronald Delserro opened fire on the police as soon as they entered the home. According to the investigation, the Hansman family’s neighbor fired 22 bullets from his two 9mm handguns. An officer was hurt during the operation; the same round struck him in the arm and the chest, but his bulletproof vest prevented any serious wounds.

On July 6, 2020, at about 3:01 pm, a SWAT team raided the home and discovered Ronald in Harper’s upstairs bedroom. The 82-year-old passed away from what seemed to be a self-inflicted chest wound. According to the drama, Sandra reported to the authorities that her husband had dementia and despair. The cause of all these bloody incidents was a dog, so the dog was killed the next day after the incident.

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