Harry Shryock Murder: Where is David Keith Today?

Harry Shryock Murder

Harry Shryock Murder: Where is David Keith Now? – The majority of the police force was after one individual who was held captive during a terrible crime spree in January 1984. But a brave man’s life was lost in the process. Therefore the scenario ended tragically. In season 3’s “A Bad Day,” an episode of the Netflix series “I Am a Killer,” the murder of Harry Shryock is discussed. After hours of tense discussions with the police, career criminal David Cameron Keith killed Harry. So if you want to know more about Harry Shryock’s murder and his killer’s whereabouts, keep reading.

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How Did Harry Shryock Die

Why Did Harry Shryock Pass Away?

When the incident happened, Harry Lee Shryock, 64, and his wife lived in Polson, Montana. He was an Ohio native who joined the air corps cadet program at the age of 20. Harry served in the military for a total of 30 years, retiring at the age of 51 after having served in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. But he continued to operate charter planes from the Polson airstrip on occasion.

Harry, however, became embroiled in a stressful hostage scenario on January 11, 1984, and the perpetrator ultimately held him at gunpoint. He volunteered his services, taking a 13-year-old hostage’s place, and consented to fly a rescue plane. But while the would-be murderer and the police were negotiating, Harry was shot in the head, instantly killing him.

Where is David Keith Now

Who was Harry Shryock’s killer?

David Lee Keith was responsible for the attack and the kidnapping. His father, a rich attorney, was from Spokane, Washington. David, though, was said to have had minimal parental oversight as he grew up on the show. He started using drugs and engaging in illegal behaviour when he was 11 years old and was sent to boarding school. David served time for theft and burglary; by 1984, he was out of a job in Montana with a wife and three children.

According to rumours, David would steal products in Montana, sell them in Spokane, and then use the proceeds to buy drugs. He entered a Missoula, Montana, pharmacy carrying a gun on January 11, 1984. David, who was 27 at the time, stole some prescription medication and drove off. A policeman observed the car and pursued it a little while later. After that, David made a quick detour at a store and barged inside, holding William Crose Jr., a 13-year-old, hostage with a revolver.

Additionally, David fired at the cashier as she ducked for cover, just missing her. He then pushed the child into the vehicle and sped off with the cops hot on his heels. David offered a few requests for William’s safe return as they came to a barrier. He requested a plane, a pilot, and a parachute to fly him out. David then took a car to the Polson airfield, where the pilot, Harry, consented to step in for William.

The pilot attempted to start the engine after the teen was brought back to safety, and David pointed the gun at Keith’s head. The officials deflated the tyres in the interim because there were some mechanical issues that prevented the aircraft from taking off. David kept on speaking with the police at this time, and a sniper had a good view. He fired a shot, which struck David’s arm and went through his chest. Soon later, he killed Harry by shooting him in the face.

David was shot in the head as he exited the aircraft, but he lived to face charges of kidnapping and murder. He initially insisted that shooting Harry was a reflex brought on by being shot, but he then reversed himself. In another statement, David said, “I came to the conclusion that I was going to die immediately after [being wounded], I didn’t want to go alone, so I fired my gun into Mr. Harry Shryock’s head.”

Who Killed Harry Shryock

Where is David Keith Today?

David entered a plea of guilty in March 1985 to two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, and one count of intentional homicide. Then he received two death sentences and an additional 146 years in prison. In December 1988, David was scheduled to be executed; he decided not to protest.

However, the Montana governor at the time commuted the death penalty to a term of life in prison without the chance of release. According to the show, David was repentant and visited schools to educate children about drugs. He is still detained at Shelby, Montana’s Crossroads Correctional Center, for the time being.

You can stream “I Am a Killer,” Season 3 episode “A Bad Day,” on Netflix with a subscription.

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