Hawkeye Episode 3 Release Date, Promo & Spoiler

Hawkeye Episode 3

Hawkeye debuted on Disney+ on November 24, and the two-episode premiere has already generated buzz for the new show.

Even those who don’t think of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as one of their favourite Avengers will like his latest adventure, whether it’s because of the Christmas themes, the focus on his time as Ronin, or the appearance of fan favourite Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

Clint and Kate have a lot on their plates as the holidays approach. When will fans get another chance to watch them perform?


Hawkeye’s third episode is expected to feature Alaqua Cox’s Echo, so fans won’t want to miss it.

It may also bring answers to some of the big questions raised in the first episode, especially because it will represent the halfway point of the series.

The hero and adversary look to be engaged in combat (above photo). Although it’s unclear where they’re fighting, Kate is well-suited to combat, so if this is Echo’s safe haven from Hawkeye episode 2, we can assume Kate is on her way to save the day.

Echo, played by Alaqua Cox, was introduced as a mysterious figure at the end of episode 2.

With the Tracksuit Mafia holding Clint Barton and Kate hostage, it appears Echo has unfinished business with the Ronin identity – Kate may have wrongly inherited the mantle.

Still, it was Hawkeye’s during Avengers: Endgame. In Marvel comics, though, Echo was the first person to have the name.

It’s unclear what Echo wants from Hawkeye and Kate right now. Bert and Bertie directed the episode, which was written by Katie Mathewson and Tanner Bean.

Release Date for Hawkeye Episode 3

Hawkeye Episode 3 will be released one week after the first two episodes, on December 1.

When it comes to when Disney+ distributes new content, the streaming service does so in the early hours of the morning.

Hawkeye is most likely to appear at 12:01 a.m. PT, or 3:01 a.m. ET.

Following the near-two-hour duration of Hawkeye’s first two episodes, a new rumour quickly circulating online may not be what fans of the show were expecting to hear.

On Sunday, Amit Chaudhari, a Rising source, tweeted that the Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld-starring series’ Episodes Three and Four would be only 80 minutes long.

Recap of the Hawkeye Premiere

In the first episode of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop witnesses the Battle of New York firsthand and is saved by Hawkeye himself, albeit unwittingly on his side.

In the current day, Clint Barton spends time with his family downtown as they prepare to return home for Christmas.

A grown-up Kate attends a charity gala with her mother in another story, where she discovers an underground auction and eventually locates the Ronin costume.

After some crime-fighting, Clint finds her, and the two archers cross paths.

The Tracksuit Mafia confronts Bishop as he returns Barton to her apartment in Hawkeye Episode 2. When the couple is forced to flee, the Ronin costume is left behind.

After shifting to Bishop’s aunt’s vacationing apartment, Barton sends his children back home, promising to return by Christmas Day. He brings Bishop to her office at a LARP event and then recovers the Ronin suit from a firefighter named Grills.

Later, Bishop is unable to persuade Eleanor of Duquesne’s involvement in Armand’s death. After challenging Duquesne to a fencing match, she tries to contact Barton, unknowing that he has been kidnapped by the Tracksuit Mafia.

She tracks down Barton but is abducted herself, and the gang informs their leader, Maya Lopez, of Barton and Bishop’s detention.