Heather Elvis Missing: Has She Been Found? Is Heather Dead or Alive?

Heather Elvis Missing

Has Heather Elvis Been Found? Is Heather Dead or Alive? – The first date that Heather Elvis of Carolina Forest, South Carolina, had on December 17, 2013, ended when he dropped her off at her apartment the next morning at 1:15 a.m. Elvis had gone on a date to move on from a romance that had ended two months earlier with Sidney Moorer, a repairman she had met through her employment at a nearby restaurant.

Elvis called her roommate Brianna Warrelmann at 1:44 a.m. to let her know how the date went while she was visiting her relatives. The discussion went on for almost five minutes. Warrelman had warned Elvis “not to do anything hasty and to get some sleep” and encouraged Elvis not to answer Sidney’s calls. Around six in the morning that day, Elvis’ cell phone activity stopped, and she hadn’t been seen or heard from since.

No different is ABC’s “20/20” program, “The Devil’s Triangle,” which examines the puzzling 2013 disappearance of young bar hostess Heather Rachelle Elvis. We now have the information for you if you want to learn more about the same, emphasizing her last known activities, the subsequent investigations, and her potential perpetrators.

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who was Heather Elvis
eather Elvis (center) worked at the Tilted Kilt restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she met Sidney Moorer, a married man with whom she had an affair. Courtesy of Terry Elvis / Matthew Stoddard

Who Was Heather Elvis and What Happened to Her?

At the age of 20, Heather, a native of South Carolina, was establishing a comfortable life as both a server at Myrtle Beach’s Tilted Kilt Pub and House of Blues and a future cosmetologist. Even though she had secured a position at a beauty salon and was about to start it, the St. James High School alumna could not move on from her tumultuous romance. That’s because she mysteriously disappeared in the early hours of December 18, 2013, just after having an apparently successful, romantic first date the previous evening.

When Heather’s unattended, abandoned car was found at the Peachtree Boat Landing, about 8 miles from Myrtle Beach, it was formally reported missing on December 19. There were no apparent indications of wrongdoing (blood, shattered windows, or lock tampering) in her green Dodge Intrepid, but there were also no visible indicators of the girl either. The oddest thing, though, is that despite there being no signs of a violent struggle anywhere, her wallet and phone, which she always had with her, weren’t in the car.

Sidney and Tammy Moorer
Sidney and Tammy Moorer in an undated photo taken on the beach. Courtesy of Tammy Moorer

Has Heather Elvis Been Found? Is She Dead?

Unfortunately, after the passage of more than eight years, Heather has never been located. Because of the circumstances surrounding her last known hours, authorities now believe she has passed away. After all, Sidney Moorer, her ex-boyfriend and a married father of three who was then 37 years old, called her just 20 minutes after she arrived home from the date at 1:15 a.m. He allegedly asked her to meet because he was prepared to leave his wife, Tammy, to restart their relationship when he called her cell phone from a pay phone, although the entire discussion only lasted five minutes.

However, according to Heather’s phone records, she made nine calls to him back on the payphone in the subsequent 35 minutes before leaving her apartment. Sidney’s cell phone was called a few times during this time, but he didn’t answer until 3:30 a.m., when she was back inside her Carolina Forest house, and they spoke for 4 minutes. The young woman did make four additional attempts to contact him between 3:37 and 3:42 a.m., but they were unsuccessful. According to official sources, these were also the last calls she ever placed.

When the last dial attempts were made, Heather’s cell phone pings indicated that she was somewhere in the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge; nevertheless, we should note that this location serves as the foundation for Peachtree Landing. The 20-year-old’s disappearance led to lengthy interrogations of both Sidney and his wife, Tammy Moorer, with the former appearing to lie to the authorities twice. When informed that there was video surveillance evidence, he changed his story from his original denial that he had called his ex-girlfriend on that fateful night using a payphone (the footage was very grainy in actuality).

Heather Elvis' car
In this Feb. 21, 2014, aerial photo, Peachtree Landing is seen where Heather Elvis’ car was found a few days after she went missing in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Janet Blackmon Morgan/The Sun News via AP, FILE

Sidney claimed to have contacted Heather to ask her to leave him alone after noticing that she had been putting notes on his car, but Heather’s roommate refuted this claim by claiming that Sidney had actually wanted to meet. She wasn’t home that night, but Heather apparently called her very immediately and relayed every precise detail of the initial conversation between the ex-couple. Tammy’s knowledge of the extramarital affair, which was the cause of their breakup, and her threat of harming Heather were both regarded as crucial because they suggested a purpose.

Sidney and Tammy were detained within four months and charged with murder, kidnapping, obstructing the course of justice, and two counts of indecent exposure. These indictments followed the execution of a search order on their property and allegations that, on December 18, 2013, the former’s truck was visible in the right window close to the landing. In March 2016, the prosecution withdrew the murder accusations without prejudice (which means they could be brought back), but the pair was ultimately found guilty of the other crimes and given a 30-year prison term.

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