High Desert Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

High Desert Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

High Desert Episode 4 Recap – High Desert” on Apple TV+ follows Peggy (Patricia Arquette) as she embarks on a career in private investigation. Discovering her inherent talent for uncovering the truth and driven by financial necessity, Peggy is drawn towards this career choice due to its promise of high compensation and stability.

In her first major case, Peggy’s interest is quickly captured by Guru Bob, a former news anchor who poses as a spiritual leader. However, further investigation reveals a complex and complicated situation, leading Peggy to devise an audacious plan against Guru Bob and his wife in episode four.

Now let’s provide an overview of what happened in Episode 4 of ‘High Desert.’

High Desert Episode 4 Recap

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We travel back to 1986 and witness Peggy, the oldest child, taking charge of her family and confronting her father for abandoning them for another woman. Peggy’s deep affection and attachment to her mother provide insight into her feelings of loss and a driving force for an emotional connection between Ginger and herself. Meanwhile, Denny, her current partner, has just been released from jail and has returned to his previous behavior, prompting Peggy’s concern.

Initially, Denny wants to reform and end his criminal activities. However, Peggy insists on divorce proceedings despite Denny’s refusal. They sit down for dinner to discuss Peggy’s life during Denny’s ten-year imprisonment (for unrelated drug charges), which included stints behind bars for various offenses.

Peggy assures Denny that her new line of work prevents her from engaging in illicit activities. However, it becomes apparent that Denny is still involved in unlawful deeds. When Denny tells Peggy he had hidden some silver at Peggy’s mother’s place, he quickly realizes his promise was false as it had already been stolen. Peggy recognizes that she has made an incorrect assumption regarding Denny’s behavior but sees this revelation as potentially helpful information in finding Bob’s missing wife.

High Desert Episode 4 Ending, Explained

High Desert Episode 4 Ending Explained

Peggy realizes that the key to solving Donatella Scarborough’s disappearance lies in delving deeper into her family background. Being part of a crime family with tanning salon operations as a front business, Peggy decides to visit Donatella’s brother at the spa to determine whether any concerns have been voiced about Bob’s treatment of his wife. Unfortunately, due to Bob’s perceived incompetence in managing Donatella, at least one sibling believes she chose to leave and did not commit any crime herself.

Peggy becomes entranced by a painting at the spa, only to find out later it is fake. She concludes that artwork in Bob’s apartment must also be affected, leading Peggy to speculate whether Donatella may have associated herself with unsavory individuals who could have contributed to her disappearance. The intricate quality of the artwork suggests this possibility, indicating that they punished her for selling fake works to these influential individuals and punished Donatella accordingly.

An alternative theory suggests that Bob discovered his wife’s illicit activities and the potential danger they posed, leading him to commit an extreme act that possibly resulted in Donatella’s demise. For Peggy’s sake, it becomes critical to establish whether Bob knew about the true nature of these paintings he sold after Donatella disappeared. Since he mentioned her involvement in buying and selling paintings before she vanished, he may be trying to pass them off as genuine, unaware of their true nature, further deepening the mystery.

Will Peggy Help Denny

Will Peggy Help Denny?

Peggy’s involvement often comes with serious repercussions, making her job difficult. Now living in Mexico, Peggy begins the task of tracking down Dona’s relatives but discovers that the situation is far more complex than initially anticipated. Dona was Bob’s wife, and her love for art stood out among a family primarily focused on financial gains. While a reward remains available for information regarding Dona’s whereabouts, no family members suspect him of any wrongdoing since Dona expressed such strong dislike in a farewell note, making this story appear complete. However, Peggy believes there must be something more to this tale than meets the eye.

Peggy assumes the name Sylvia Plath and discovers artwork while tanning at a tanning salon, deducing that Dona must have copied famous artists’ pieces for Bob to sell as originals. Her suspicions lead her to suspect that Dona’s departure was not voluntary, given their 30-year attachment and caretaking of Bob’s parrot. However, Peggy’s boss warns her about filing bankruptcy because of Dona’s deception, potentially jeopardizing what could have been an intriguing case against Dona.

Peggy manages to convince Bob of her need for her and Ginger by playing an art critic and portraying herself as an antagonistic force attempting to drive up the price of a painting she dislikes. Peggy then uses her con artist skills to manipulate him into fulfilling her requests. In an unexpected turn of events, Peggy reaches out to Denny toward the end of High Desert Season 1 Episode 4, offering to assist in finding hidden silver for him in exchange for fair compensation. Although their time together could prove fruitful in time, their current demeanor may cause further missteps from our protagonist in terms of making unwise choices, and our protagonist could make mistakes that could further endanger him from finding hidden silver in exchange for fair compensation from Peggy.

Final Thoughts

Peggy remains an unknown entity, leaving us wondering whether we should stay close. In an odd turn of events, while negotiating with her nurse for additional medication, Peggy manages to hire a new IT specialist named Bruce while still dealing with her nurse. Peggy orchestrates a plan where her sister can purportedly communicate with their deceased mother through Ginger, purporting to free Dianne from Stewart’s influence and claim genuine concern for her welfare. However, her true motive appears to be control. Despite her troubling actions, we will witness Peggy and her husband’s criminal exploits play out over the coming weeks.

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