His Dark Materials Season 3 Season Finale Ending Explained

His Dark Materials season 3 ending explained

His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained – The fantasy drama “His Dark Materials,” created by Jack Thorne, also stars James McAvoy as Lord Asriel Belacqua, Ruth Wilson as Marisa Coulter, Kit Connor as Pantalaimon, and Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua.

The Clouded Mountain and The Botanic Garden are the titles of the third season’s seventh and eighth episodes, respectively. The Abyss, episode 6 of season 3, provided the necessary background for the major conflict and hinted at the potential intensity of the season’s finale.

In other words, be prepared to cry because some of your favourite characters might pass away in The Botanic Garden. Aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda), Lyra, Will Parry (Amir Wilson), and other characters in The Abyss survived the explosion. Lyra has also angered the Authority’s regent Metatron (Alex Hassell) by ending his purgatory.

She needs assistance from everyone, including her parents, Mrs Coulter and Asriel (James McAvoy). Will and Lyra will likely put up a valiant struggle to prevail in The Clouded Mountain. The strange new allies, Mrs Coulter and Asriel, will encounter their hardest opposition. They might eventually uncover a sinister scheme, and everything will culminate in a spectacular conclusion.

In the penultimate episode of season three, titled “The Clouded Mountain,” when one last struggle raged against the sky, His Dark Materials was at its most dramatic.

In the end, Metatron’s unfair rule over the Land of the Dead was overthrown, allowing all the imprisoned ghosts to escape and merge with the living. Thanks to Asriel and Marisa’s sacrifice, Metatron was also destroyed, thus obscuring the distinction between good and evil in this universe.

Finally, Will chopped through a crystal cube that had fallen to the ground using the not-so-subtle knife. The Authority, also referred to as the first angel, was there. Will’s actions liberated The Authority, eliminating the final vestige of religious intolerance this world still harboured. Except for one extremely devout follower, whom we’ll discuss momentarily.

The Botanic Garden, the final episode of His Dark Materials, which turns out to be significantly less action-packed but no less significant than the one that came before, ushers in the book’s eventual conclusion.

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His Dark Materials Season 3 Finale Ending Explained

His Dark Materials Season 3 Season Finale Ending Explained

Lyra and Will’s daemons haven’t been seen since the events of episode seven because they’re upset with Lyra for how she treated them. Lyra also assumes that her mother, Mrs Coulter, and Asriel are also dead as a result of the death of the Golden Monkey. Pan and Kirjava are seen observing from a distance, believing their humans are now secure at last. That isn’t really the case, though, since Father Gomez is still set on killing “Eve” as Lyra, although he no longer believes in the existence of angels.

As is her habit, Lyra follows the alethiometer until she comes across Mary, who tells her that Dust and Sraf are actually the same things. This demonstrates that the religious extremists’ assertion that Dust is a Sin was false. I mean, duh. The issue right now is that this reality is leaking Dust, which has a dangerous effect on the multiverse as a whole.

The task of finding a means to salvage what’s left of Dust and return it to this world falls to Lyra at that point. Pan isn’t much help, though, as he continues to ignore her, although she abused his confidence earlier in the season. The following day, Lyra feels lonely and in love with Will, so when they end themselves in the water together, she wants to get intimate with him. Things become a little dicey when Father Gomez emerges in the distance, prepared to shoot Lyra.

Conveniently, Fortunately, the angel Balthamos shows up just in time to destroy Gomez’s daemon and, subsequently Gomez himself, putting an end to the Magisterium. Despite everything, Lyra and Will make out in order to fulfil the “love of Eve” prophecy that will ultimately bring about world peace. The Dust begins to slow down in front of Serafina, who is the first to perceive its effect. Serafina assists in persuading the Daemons to lastly reconnect with Lyra and Will because they still require more of a spark to make things right.

A happy ending isn’t quite possible, though, because Dust is still able to escape through the numerous windows that Will and the other prior knife bearers made. There is only one window that may be left open as long as people are mindful and creative, according to Angel Xaphania. Sincerely, this concert is insane. While they must keep the gateway to the Land of the Dead open so that deceased souls can pass through, Will is aware that he must return to his own world. That implies that these two new lovers must split up and give up their affection for one another in order to promote cosmic harmony.

Will sends Mary back to her realm after giving them one final kiss before leaving in a whirlwind of Dust. But not before they make a pact to “meet up” on a particular bench that is present in both of their realities once a year. They won’t actually be together, but they will constantly be aware that the other is with them somewhere else in the larger multiverse. A closing title card reveals that Will and Lyra both upheld their end of the bargain and continued to share their Oxford bench once a year until their passing:

“They lived fulfilling lives in their respective worlds after keeping their vow to one another. Will studied medicine and afterwards worked as a successful surgeon.” Will has always been skilled with a knife. The card reads, “Lyra continued her education at St Sophia’s College in Oxford, where she was once more taught how to read the alethiometer.”

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If it’s any help, Lyra lost that talent since it was associated with the innocence of her youth, a period that ended when she kissed Will. Fortunately, Lyra was able to rediscover via study how to read an alethiometer, “Which would come in helpful one day, when Lyra and Pan would go on to have a further wonderful adventure.”

Another journey, huh? You wonder, “What could that be?” You’re in luck, therefore, because we looked through Philip Pullman’s sources to determine how Lyra’s trip would proceed from this point on. Then this isn’t the end after all.

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