Honor Society (2022) Comedy Movie Ending Explained

Honor Society Ending, Explained

Honor Society (2022) Ending Explained – The Honor Society, a brilliant rites-of-passage film which premiered on Paramount Plus on July 29, mainlines top-tier John Hughes during his productive Eighties period.

Angourie Rice, who plays Honor, a prim and proper high school senior with Ferris Bueller-levels of sass who runs rings around everyone in her aspirations to obtain a Harvard scholarship, makes an attempt to steal the show with her disarming straight-to-camera speech delivery.

This seems as much like a launching pad for Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things) as it does for headliner Angourie Rice because it was written by David A. Goodman, a longtime producer on Family Guy and The Orville. Since making his debut as Dustin in Stranger Things, this actor has gradually shown that he is incredibly adaptable in character and is also extremely well-liked by fans.

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Honor Society Plot Synopsis1

Plot Summary for “Honor Society” Movie

This movie centred around Honor Rose (Angourie Rice), a young student with ambition. Her mother celebrates life by baking a different kind of bread every day, while her father works three jobs. She has a good existence thanks to her parents, but like most young teenagers, she finds it uninteresting. Her goal is to be accepted to Harvard, but she wants her perverse guidance counselor, Mr. Calvin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse), to write a special recommendation letter.

Even though she has perfect marks and participates in every club and extracurricular activity, she is aware that this won’t be enough because only 5% of candidates are accepted. Furthermore, everything would depend on Mr. Calvin’s affiliation with one of the greatest colleges in the country.

He has three more options, which is an issue because he implies that Honor needs to sleep with him to obtain them. She prefers to get rid of the other three simply, though. One of them is Travis, a top lacrosse player who keeps his sexual orientation hidden from his father, who also serves as his coach. Another is Kennedy; he’s a brooding playwright type who creates a covert play on Madame Bovary. Michael, who Gaten Matarazzo portrays, is the final. No one ever sees that he is a nerd who adores Doctor Who until they need to deceive him. Because his parents passed away, he now lives in poverty with his foster mother.

By influencing them, Honor intends to ruin their academic performance. She intends to reveal Travis’ secret homosexuality, believing that once his father learns of it, the family’s turmoil at home will have the desired impact. Knowing that doing so will lower her grades, she persuades the theatre department to stage Kennedy’s play.

Michael is our last person. She starts to utilise her sexuality as a distraction because she believes that a nerd who is now fixated on the idea of having sex will make him lose focus. As a last resort, she intends to go so far as to drop a roofie in his drink the night before the final. Yes, this young lady is kind.

Honor Society Ending

Honor Society (2022) Movie Ending Explained

In the film, Honor introduces Michael as a nerdy student with no social life. He is a lonesome person with no companions who frequently play video games. Honor, therefore, intends to divert Michael from his objectives by acting as though he is interested in her. She ends up being his study and lab partner, giving them extra time together. As time goes on, Honor feels at ease around Michael, and the two quickly become friends. Honor won’t allow herself to get sidetracked from her objectives despite the obvious love heat between them.

Michael and Honor eventually start to fall in love with one another. Honor finds out that Michael is from a low-income family and that the scholarship will help him pay for college. She consequently believes that Michael requires the letter of recommendation more so than she does. As a result, Honor decides to abandon her aspirations and withdraw from the competition, giving Michael the coveted letter. Instead, Honor and Michael try to get romantically involved.

After Honor decides not to receive the letter, Michael starts to act distant and ignores her in the end. As Honor discovers when she finds him down at his house, Michael has been lying to Honor the entire time. Michael says that Honor’s project was just a way for him to receive the letter because he comes from a wealthy family. As a result, Michael joined Honor in playing the same game. Michael didn’t stray from his objective, though; he didn’t feel anything for Honor.

Honor eventually breaks down and goes back home. She is honest with her mother and lets her know she is no longer dating Michael. Honor is a smart young woman who never allows her feelings to control her. Despite having many positive traits, her compassion sets her apart from the competition.

Honor is ultimately hurt when Michael turns her sympathy against her. Honor, however, is determined not to let the unpleasant event interfere with her future ambitions. The movie closes on a positive note as she spends her final days of high school with her new friends, including Travis, Kennedy, and Gavin.

Does Honor Get into Harvard

Does Honor Gets Recommendation Letter?

Honor talks to Mr. Calvin about acquiring a recommendation letter for her Harvard application during the film. However, in exchange for handing Honor the letter, Calvin states that he wants to have a sexual relationship with her. When Honor learns of Calvin’s intentions, she is upset but acts diplomatically. She refuses to spend the night with Calvin to get the letter, which will bring her one step closer to her desire. Eventually, Michael’s strategy works, and he will receive a letter of recommendation instead of Honor.

Honor still has one last option to prevent Michael from receiving the desired letter. The counsellor is going to present Michael with the referral letter while he and Calvin discuss his chances. But Honor shows up at the last second and plays her hand. She admits that she videotaped the conversation with Calvin in which he made overtures toward her in a sexual manner.

As a result, Calvin is unable to reject Honor’s desire and must follow her instructions. As a result, Michael is denied the letter of recommendation, and it seems that Honor has turned the tide in her favour. Honor requests that Calvin deliver the letter of recommendation to Kennedy rather than to Michael. In the end, Honor’s compassion emerges as her distinguishing characteristic as she opts to support her friend in realizing her ambition rather than take advantage of the circumstance.

Honor, therefore, sets herself apart from Michael, who is egotistical in his desire to achieve his objectives. It isn’t specified whether Honor will attend Harvard in the end, but considering her credentials and academic standing, it seems doubtful that the prestigious institution would reject her. 

Although the final chorus of the conclusion comes together a bit too neatly, the first entertainingly engaging ride remains relevant. The twisted, edgy trip to that reality is a pleasant surprise, even if it’s somewhat predictable that the Honor Society will eventually end on the note that, hey, prestige isn’t everything it’s made of.

On July 29, “Honor Society” will be available exclusively on Paramount+.

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