Anthony Sears Murder Case: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Him?

Anthony Sears Murder

Anthony Sears Murder: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Anthony Sears? – Anthony Sears, an African-American man of age 26, is well-known for being serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s fifth victim. He had a girlfriend and was bisexual. In West Allis, Wisconsin, Dahmer took Sears inside the home of his grandmother Catherine, where they had sex, and Dahmer gave him a drink that put him to sleep. When Sears nodded off, Dahmer killed him, dismembered his body, mummified his head and penis, and then disposed of the remainder of the body. He eventually removed the skin from his face and cooked it, keeping the skull as a souvenir.

The infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer killed roughly 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, according to the Netflix documentaryMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Despite having a less traumatic upbringing than some other serial killers, Jeffrey acquired a desire to dominate his victims, and most of his actions were motivated by sexual desire. We have the information you need if you’re interested in learning how Jeffrey murdered Anthony.

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How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Anthony Sears

How was Anthony Sears killed by Jeffrey Dahmer?

Anthony, who was only 24 years old and residing in West Allis, Wisconsin, was killed. His friends and family characterized him as a kind and giving person who loved to assist people and was always prepared to confront any situation with a grin. Anthony actually made friends easily, thanks to his friendly disposition. According to rumors, Anthony was handsome and aspired to succeed in modeling. However, he was working at the Bakers Square restaurant and appeared to have a girlfriend, which suggested he was bisexual.

By chance, on March 25, 1989, at the homosexual bar La Cage, Jeffrey met Anthony and a couple of his friends. The serial killer said that he was not actively hunting for a victim to kill at the time of the murder when he was questioned about it afterward. However, when Anthony approached Jeffrey right before the pub closed, the latter could not resist the aspiring model’s appeal and allure. The two then began conversing and quickly felt at ease, making it simple for Jeffrey to return Anthony to his grandmother’s home.

Readers should be aware that by that point, Jeffrey had already admitted guilt to the two charges brought against him for abusing Somsack Sinthasomphone: second-degree sexual abuse and luring a kid for immoral purposes. The serial killer actually chose to kill Anthony in cold blood while waiting for his conviction.

According to sources, after returning to the home of the former’s grandmother, Jeffrey and Anthony engaged in oral sex with one another. But as soon as Anthony was under his control, Jeffrey killed him by strangling him to death after drugging the 24-year-old. If Jeffrey is to be believed, the serial afterward stated that Anthony’s continued presence in his life was all he had ever wanted. But Jeffrey ultimately murdered Anthony in Catherine’s home because he could not restrain his violent impulses.

How was Anthony Sears killed by Jeffrey Dahmer

The following day, Jeffrey put Anthony’s body in Catherine’s bathtub before beheading the victim since he knew he had to get rid of the remains. But because Anthony was so handsome, the serial killer felt compelled to keep a portion of the victim’s body as an unsettling memento. Anthony’s genitals were thus severed, put in acetone, and kept in a locker by Jeffrey in addition to cleaning and adding the victim’s skull to his collection. Additionally, Jeffrey attempted to flay Anthony’s flesh but was unsuccessful.

The remainder of Anthony’s body was later dismembered, the flesh and bones were crushed, and the remaining pieces were disposed of so that no one would ever find them. Incidentally, analysts claim that this was the first victim from whom the serial killer permanently retained a body part because Jeffrey even carried Anthony’s skull and genitalia to his Milwaukee apartment. In the end, upon Jeffrey’s arrest in 1991, the police discovered Anthony’s head and genitalia in the serial killer’s hands.

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