Oliver Lacy Murder Case: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Him?

Oliver Lacy Murder: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Oliver Lacy? – The gruesome killings carried out by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are detailed in the Netflix documentary “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” demonstrating how he terrorized Wisconsin and Ohio from 1978 to 1991. Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 victims over 13 years, killing and dismembering them all without being discovered.

Cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer preyed on homosexual men and teenagers, many of whom were people of color. Dahmer frequently found his victims in open spaces like pubs, bus stations, and streets. He enticed them back into his apartment by promising them to cash in exchange for pictures or sex. Dahmer would drug the guys and kill them when they arrived at his place, frequently dismembering their bodies and occasionally having sex with them.

In July 1991, Dahmer met a 24-year-old Chicagoan named Oliver Lacy. When they first ran into each other in Milwaukee, Dahmer invited him to stay at his place. Oliver drank a beverage Dahmer had drugged after arriving at his apartment, where he was later slain.

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How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Oliver Lacy

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Oliver Lacy?

Oliver Lacy, who was 24 years old and living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the time of his murder, was originally from Chicago, Illinois. Oliver was a bodybuilding enthusiast and aspiring competitor who was characterized as a vibrant and down-to-earth person who loved to help others and always welcomed everyone with a grin. Additionally, although Oliver was friendly and made friends quickly, those close to him noted that he detested violence in all its forms. But the awful act that took his life away for good was motivated by wickedness.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the intersection of 27th and Kilbourn, Oliver saw Jeffrey Dahmer. Oliver was intrigued by Jeffrey’s words as he presented himself as a professional photographer and expressed his immediate interest in the gorgeous bodybuilder. At the time, Jeffrey lived in an apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so he asked the bodybuilder if he would like to participate in a nude picture shoot to persuade him to come back home with him.

Oliver reluctantly consented and accompanied the serial murderer back to his flat, although it seemed odd to ask for something so private from a total stranger. After arriving at the flat, Jeffrey and Oliver started having intercourse, but the former quickly drugged the 24-year-old out of his great desire to be in charge. Interestingly, this time, instead of instantly killing his victim, he preferred to stay with Oliver while he was asleep and under the influence of drugs.

Jeffrey ultimately requested a leave of absence because time was running short, and he had a job at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory to attend to. However, Jeffrey could not keep Oliver under the influence for very long. When a chloroform-soaked cloth did not work, he choked the bodybuilder to death.

Before decapitating and dismembering Oliver, Jeffrey had sex with his victim’s corpse after killing him. Jeffrey, however, ripped off Oliver’s heart and put it in the refrigerator with his head since he liked to keep awards. Moreover, the serial killer cleaned out the victim’s skeleton and kept it in the freezer while the remainder of his flesh was disintegrated in acid.

Although it is unknown if Jeffrey engaged in cannibalism with Oliver’s body, some of the victim’s remains were discovered by the police after Jeffrey’s arrest. Readers might also be interested to learn that Jeffrey was fired from the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory due to his numerous absences after taking a leave of absence to kill Oliver.

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