In ‘The Silent Sea’, Who Is Luna?

Luna in The Silent Sea

On a dying Earth, Netflix The Silent Sea‘ is set. Humanity has made great efforts to ensure its survival.

A fire at the Balhae Lunar Research Station kills 117 individuals 5 years before the current events.

Before her death, Dr. Song’s sister, the chief of research at Balhae, gave her an encrypted note.

Dr. Song read it and discovered that her sister had requested that she locate someone named Luna. Everything you need to know about her is right here.


What I The Identity Of Luna?

When the crew of Nuri 11 first meets Luna, they believe she is an extraterrestrial. In more ways than one, she is.

After Gisu tries to ingest a capsule with the drug they were hunting for still inside, she kills him.

Dr. Song and the others will find it nearly impossible to capture her due to her extraordinary strength, agility, movement, and speed.

During their encounter near the secret storehouse, where they uncover several undisturbed capsules, they first notice that she appears like a human girl.

They later observe the impact of moon water on her physiology.

Lunar water is mostly harmless on its own. However, when it comes into contact with organic material, it quickly multiplies.

The Silent Sea Luna Netflix

It only takes a molecule to drown a person from within. Luna, on the other hand, is not like that. Lunar water cures any injuries she may have sustained instantly and is the source of all her abilities.

Dr. Song believes Luna was either born with antibodies to lunar water or suffered from a rare case of genetic abnormalities brought on by multiple environmental circumstances.

She explains to the rest of the crew the consequences of Luna’s existence. Luna may hold the answer to saving their fading and barren planet.

Despite Captain Han’s orders, Dr. Song pursues the young girl after a botched capture attempt and ends up in the room where she has been staying all along.

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She notices a hard drive there. Her sister, she had already decided, had wiped all data from the station’s primary computer.

However, this disc appears to contain all of the video documentation from the eldest Song sibling’s lunar water test.

As a shocked Dr. Song watches, her sister and colleagues test the effects of moon water on their Luna subjects, who are all given numbers and names.

They’re human clones manufactured for the experiment’s reason. The first 72 people fail the test. The 73rd does, and she is the girl who has been known to Dr. Song.

Luna is shown to be able to pass on her immunity to lunar water to others. She had previously bitten Dr. Song, who had been exposed to lunar water but had survived.

Luna is shown to be able to survive in the moon’s atmosphere without a spacesuit near the end of the season finale.

Given that her skills are derived from moon water, this makes logical. Furthermore, it appears to have given her the ability to survive in the wild.

Luna is, in the end, the apogee of humanity’s hope, the only one who can save them from extinction.