Taiwanese Horror Movie “Incantation” Ending Explained

Incantation 2022 ending explained

“Incantation” Ending Explained – On July 8, 2022, Netflix released Kevin Ko’s “Incantation,” widely recognised as the scariest Taiwanese movie of all time. Due to its found-footage structure, it has the unsettling feeling of a curse that has been around for a very long time, along with a touch of visual realism.

While the “curse” and its cure were not explicitly explained in the movie, this aspect helped keep the other, more tried-and-true scare tactics mysterious and fresh. Viewers may be perplexed by the ending due to the abundance of terrifying images, the diverse ways the curse affects different people, and the timeline’s back-and-forth movement between the present and the past.

Taiwanese director Kevin Ko’s horror movie “Incantation” centres on Li Ronan, a single mother who is attempting to protect her little daughter from a fatal curse. Six years ago, after an attempt to look into a suspicious case failed, Ronan released the curse.

We’ll do our best to solve the mystery, or at the very least, our perception of it, even though Kevin Ko may have intended for things to remain a mystery by the end of “Incantation.” Here is everything you need to know about “Incantation’s” conclusion if you’re curious about how Ronan’s quest concludes.

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Incantation 2022 plot

Plot Synopsis of “Incantation” Movie

Li Ronan delivers a menacing video message at the beginning of “Incantation.” Ronan claims that she awoke from a satanic curse after she described the abilities of the will. Those who come into contact with the curse experience bad luck. She appeals to her audience for assistance in reviving her daughter. The story jumps a few weeks in the past and describes her bond with her daughter Dodo. Ronan was found incompetent to care for Dodo after becoming afflicted by the curse. The mother and daughter are split up as a result.

Ronan’s life, however, changes and gets better. She takes Dodo into her temporary custody while picking up her daughter from the foster home. Dodo responds favourably to her mother as a result of Ronan’s care for her. However, after Dodo starts seeing paranormal activity in the house, the mother and daughter’s lives take a complete turn for the better.

In the meantime, flashbacks show that Ronan and buddies Dom and Yuan were a part of a paranormal investigation team six years ago. The group moves toward a strange tunnel that is said to bring bad luck to everyone who enters it. Their vehicle is stopped on the road by a mother Buddha statue.

Ronan receives a court order rescinding her daughter’s custody after an accident puts Dodo in the hospital. Ming, Ronan, and Dodo escape with the aid of Dodo’s foster father in an effort to find a solution. Flashbacks show that in their house near the tunnel, Dom’s family was engaged in a ritual. The family does a ceremony in honour of Mother Buddha, a god who brings bad luck to everyone who knows more about it.

In the course of the ceremony, Dom, Yuan, and Ronan enter the tunnel and investigate its many features. They rapidly become terrified, though, and try to run away. Ronan and Ming are currently looking into the god and the incantation used in the rite. Ming finds a missing video of a Buddhist monk describing the mother Buddha’s deity and its impact on viewers. Ming, however, is cursed after witnessing the video, and he commits suicide. Dodo enters a coma as a result of Ronan’s unsuccessful attempt to ask a priest for assistance. Ronan has a limited amount of time to find the cause of the curse and break it in order to save Dodo’s life.

Incantation 2022 Movie Ending

Incantation Ending Explained

In the final seconds of the movie, Ronan tries desperately to break the curse and save Dodo’s life. She makes a video, which spectators first watch at the beginning of the movie. The video makes the specifics of the curse and its casting process clear. The chant Ronan is teaching her viewers is intended to attract blessings, she explains to her audience. The blessings will become stronger the more people recite the Buddhist incantation. Her daughter will be healed and released from the curse as a result.

In the meantime, flashbacks show how the curse first appeared. Ronan got unwell while exploring the tunnel with her companions; thus, she did not do as much exploring as Dom and Yuan. Dom and Yuan discover a room inside a shadowy alleyway inside the tunnel that has a weird statue. The two change the room’s contents. Additionally, a cloth concealing the statue’s face is discovered. They pull back the cover to expose the face of the statue.

Therefore, the invocation of the curse begins with the sight of the statue’s face and intensifies for anyone who sees the symbol and utters the associated incantation. It is clear in the video’s closing seconds that Ronan is deceiving her audience. The Mother Buddha is a god of torture and pain, as shown in the footage that Ming was able to acquire. Anyone who sees or hears the emblem and incantation will suffer bad luck.

Furthermore, the monk who revealed the contents of the curse to Ronan claims that it cannot be truly broken. The only way to lessen it is to spread the curse over more people. Thus, Ronan’s strategy is made clear. In an effort to spread the curse, she utilises the video footage to curse more people. Dodo’s life would be saved, and the bad luck she was experiencing would stop.

At last, Ronan goes back to the passageway and begins repairing all of the damage her pals had made inside Mother Buddha’s room. She rearranges everything before returning everything to its proper location. Although Ronan is aware that she must hide the deity’s face, doing so will result in her death. She, therefore, urges Dodo to forget about her and tapes one last message for her daughter. After being overcome by the effects of the curse, Ronan conceals the deity’s face and commits suicide.

The life of Dodo was saved by Ronan, according to a video. Dodo has a long, healthy life and prospers. In the end, Ronan gives herself up to save Dodo. Ronan leaves the whole truth about the treatment out of her video while she deceives viewers into saying the incantation for the curse. The predicament of the Dodo began with Ronan’s foolish foray into the tunnel years earlier.

Therefore, it only makes sense that the curse will end after Ronan exits the tunnel. The difference is that Ronan does not come back this time. Instead, she takes steps that show how much she cares for Dodo and provides her daughter with a fresh start free from the awful curse.

Netflix is now showing “Incantation” (2022) movie.

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