‘Intimacy’ Ending Explained and Recap: What happened to Leire?

Intimacy ending explained and recap

‘Intimacy’ Ending Explained and Recap – When describing Netflix’s latest Spanish original, ‘Intimacy,’ creator Verónica Fernández sounded rather dramatic. Still, the politically and socially conscious tale more than justifies such disastrous talk, with everything from fatal car accidents and near-fatal diving board jumps to GBH counts and gun-toting chases caused by the ripple effect of a leaked sex tape. Here’s all you need to know about the ‘Intimacy‘ season one finale.

‘Intimacy’ Season 1 Recap

Ane walks into the sea and drowns at the start of the series. Malen meets with the city builders in another location. Later, as she gets ready to leave after a swim, the news of her video breaks, forever changing her life. She later revealed that she met the man, César, via a dating app. Her marriage to Alfredo has been rocky for a long time. They live in separate rooms and appear to have made the decision to socialise with others.

Malen keeps his identity hidden and meets César in France. Between the two, a whirlwind relationship develops. César Barretxeguren is his full name, she discovers. He is a prominent businessman’s youngest son. They had sex on the seashore on their last night together. That night’s footage is included in the released video.

Malen faces a mountain of problems in both her personal and professional life once the video goes viral. What she did makes Alfredo feel emasculated, and their daughter, Leire, suffers from despair. She assaults her ex-boyfriend, believing he uploaded their film together to the internet. She is discovered to have violent inclinations. She had already harmed her mother.

On a professional level, Malen has been warned by practically all of her male colleagues in the political party she represents that she should not run for mayor in the next election. Her mentor, Miren, is supportive, yet even he occasionally criticises Malen’s actions. Miren represents a previous generation of female politicians. She also admitted to Malen that she was sexually harassed by a high-ranking party member roughly 20 years ago. She was, nevertheless, compelled to remain silent. Malen, on the other hand, benefits from being active in public life in a more liberal culture.

Bego notifies Ane’s boyfriend, Kepa, about what happened to her sister and vows to go after the people who made her sister’s life a living nightmare – her factory coworkers. She contacts Malen, who connects Bego to her father, Juan Mari, a well-known attorney. Bego spreads the word about her sister’s mistreatment with his and Malen’s support. Meanwhile, Alicia, who has herself been harassed in the past, investigates both Malen and Ane’s cases. Her girlfriend is eager to become a mother at home, but Alicia has reservations.

Alicia edges in on the person who released Malen’s video in the season finale, titled ‘A Decision.’ Bego makes a significant decision regarding her future. Malen is contemplating quitting politics entirely.

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'Intimacy' Season 1 Recap

‘Intimacy’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Leaked the Tape?

When the world of married rising politician Malen (Itziar Ituo) crashes with a single click in the first episode, it’s the question on everyone’s mind. Who put the secretly filmed seaside affair on the internet, effectively turning the evening news into soft porn? Cesar (Eduardo Lloveras), the man whose face is obscured in the video, was the first suspect. And while the cash-strapped son of Bilbao’s corporate boss assisted in the honey trap’s setup, he simply intended to use the tape for blackmail.

Cesar didn’t start his extramarital affair with the intention of making money, we learn in the finale. A plan to smear Malen’s name came together only after a henchman for another powerful businessman witnessed the two lovebirds getting cozy at a restaurant. Since she declared plans to regulate the real estate market further, Andoni Segurola (Mikel Tello) has held a vendetta against the aspiring mayor. His ultimate form of vengeance was to turn her into the city’s answer to Paris Hilton. He wasn’t apologetic, either.

When no-nonsense inspector Alicia (Ana Wagener) threatened him with real jail time, Segurola’s arrogance faded. Cesar’s injuries from a severe beating had previously been found to be the cause of his death when he drove off a cliff in episode three. But it wasn’t until the real estate billionaire, a surprisingly crucial person considering he was only briefly introduced in the penultimate episode, squealed that we realised who was behind the open-air attack.

According to the chauvinist, he’d dispatched two of his security personnel to respectfully renegotiate payment for the sex tape with Cesar. However, things got out of hand, and the henchmen decided to beat him to a pulp in an industrial wasteland instead.

Do Alfredo and Malen Get Back Together in Next Season

Do Alfredo and Malen Get Back Together in Next Season?

Yes, based on the fact that they were last spotted cuddling in bed together. But, of course, Alfredo was not surprised to learn of Malen’s sexual activities (Marc Martinez). After all, the couple had an open marriage, although one that appeared to be in terrible disarray. And Alfredo was well aware that his wife had utilised their vacation house to meet her demands before the tape was released.

But, fearful of being labelled a cuckold by the public, Alfredo continued to play the wounded party, giving Malen short shrift despite the fact that she was completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Fortunately, he ultimately realised his folly and explained in the conclusion that he was simply acting out due to cultural expectations. All of the drama seems to have brought the once-distant couple closer together in the end.

Did Ane Leaked All Other Sex Tapes?

Malen wasn’t Intimacy’s only revenge porn victim, however. Ane (Verónica Echegui) drowns herself in the first scene when tough videos circulating around her industrial workplace make life unbearable.

Sister Bego (Patricia López Arnaiz) then makes it her duty to find out who was behind the sex club tape leak and distribution. And, owing to Alicia’s assistance, it was discovered that Jon (Mikel Losada), Ane’s previous boyfriend, who was seen harassing her on her porch in a flashback, was the perpetrator. Finally, Malen’s lawyer’s father informs him that Malen faces a two-to-five-year prison sentence, as well as fines and firings for Ane’s guilty coworkers. Meanwhile, Bego starts a new profession as a support worker for women who have been through similar ordeals.

What Happened to Leire in Intimacy Episode 8

What Happened to Leire in Intimacy Episode 8?

After being humiliated at school as a result of her mother Malen’s leaked sex tape scandal, rambunctious adolescent Leire (Yune Nogueiras) finds herself at the centre of her own drama, thanks to her weaselly ex-boyfriend Xabi (Arnatz Puertas).

Leire beats Xabi in retribution for uploading an intimate film, culminating in charge of grievous bodily injury. However, after demonstrating regret and considering the mitigating circumstances, the court agrees with the defence that a fine and community service are sufficient punishment.

Intimacy Season 1 Ending: What happened to Malen?

In the eighth and final episode, Malen experiences a political rollercoaster as the tide of public opinion begins to turn. She’s clinging to her position by a thread at the start. When her sexist male coworkers begin to praise her for confronting the scandal head-on, she appropriately tells them where to go.

Malen, on the other hand, has second thoughts about returning to her previous job as a lawyer. On her way out of the municipal hall, she notices the groundswell of support. When a victim of sexual harassment she earlier tried to discredit tells her to stick to her advice, she feels helpless and humiliated.

After their other key contender Gorka (Iigo Aranburu) resigns, her political party virtually begs her to run for mayor: it’s swiftly revealed that Malen’s right-hand man Hugo (Francesco Carril) blackmailed their rival over his escort habit. Malen is back in the game and potentially ready for a second season, as seen by the final sight of her putting up campaign posters.

Intimacy‘ is now available on Netflix.

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