Is ‘Alabama Cottage’ Really Exist? What is Its Location?

Is Alabama Cottage Real Exist

The historical survival drama ‘Against the Ice,‘ directed by Peter Flinth, presents the viewer with an icy inhospitable landscape.

Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen is the protagonist of the novel, and he fights against all odds to retrieve Mylius-lost Eriksen’s map.

Mikkelsen teams up with mechanic Iver Iversen, who has no prior expertise with the trip, after his ship becomes stuck in a sheet of ice and his loyal associate is injured.

In search of a cairn, they navigate the inhospitable borders together. Some may claim that the effort is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, but Mikkelsen isn’t one of them.

Thanks to their unwavering spirit, they make it out of the lonely countryside alive. However, you might ask if the Alabama cottage, where the couple resides for nearly two years during their travels, is real.

Is it possible for you to go to the historical site? Let’s have a look at the map.


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Alabama Cottage real in Against the Ice

Is Alabama Cottage A Real One? What is its location? Is it Still Exist Or Not?

Ejnar Mikkelsen and Iver Iversen discover Mylius-cairn Erichsen’s just in time. However, the road back presents them with new challenges.

The wayfarers have already lost six dogs and a sled by this time. They throw away most of the provisions to lighten their load, but the can of oxtail soup that Mylius-Erichsen left for them saves the day.

Iversen goes for a hike one morning and returns racing after hearing two consecutive gunshots. Iversen returns to the base to find two of the running dogs dead and Mikkelsen fighting a polar bear for his life.

Against the Ice Ending

To neutralise the animal, Iversen fires two more rounds, and the bear falls into the icy water beneath a thin film of ice. Mikkelsen is thrown into the water, but Iversen is able to revive him.

They scrap the remaining sled and hike 200 miles back to the camp. When they get at the base, they discover that Mikkelsen’s crew has stranded them in Shannon’s ice.

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Mikkelsen’s ship, the Alabama, is buried beneath a mound of snow, and it does not appear that the ship will be able to make it back to Danish shores.

The crew members, on the other hand, were kind enough to build a cottage out of pieces of Alabama and leave a year’s worth of supplies in the cabin.

Is Alabama Cottage Real
Real Photo of Alabama Cottage

Now, if you’re feeling brave, you might want to see if the cottage is still standing. Perhaps you’d like to go see it for yourself. If that’s the case, you’ll be surprised to learn that the cabin is still standing on top of Shannon’s ice.

Some think that history follows a cyclical pattern. The theory is strengthened by the narrative that the Alabama Cottage was rediscovered by a Danish Navy inspection ship, the Ejner Mikkelsen, named for the explorer.

During an inspection tour in September 2010, they came discovered the cottage and photographed it. As a result, if you feel like a risky adventure, the house remains at your disposal.