Is Argentine Crime-Drama Series “El Marginal” Based On A True Story?

Is The Argentine Crime Drama 'El marginal' Based on a True Story

El marginal‘ is an award-winning Argentine crime drama series. It centres on Miguel Palacios, a former cop who assumes the identity of “Pastor” Pea and poses as a prisoner at the San Onofre prison.

He must infiltrate a violent gang in order to obtain information about a judge’s daughter, who has been kidnapped.

Although the plot appears to be a little dramatic at times, it does have some realistic themes.

Let us put your worries to rest if you’re wondering if it’s because it’s based on real-life incidents.

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Is The Argentine Crime Drama ‘El marginal’ Based on a True Story?

‘El marginal,’ on the other hand, is NOT based on a real story. However, there are other variables that contribute to the story’s authenticity.

Juan Minujn (Miguel Palacios/”Pastor” Pea) revealed in a June 2017 interview that the team worked closely with people who had been incarcerated.

Some of them even worked as extras on the scene. The actor discussed how he prepared for his role in a different conversation.

Apart from martial and weapons training, he spent time with police officers to see how they would react if they were brought to prison, as depicting Pastor as a seasoned prisoner would be misleading.

Argentine Crime Drama 'El marginal' a True Story

Furthermore, in June 2017, co-creator Sebastián Ortega revealed the process the team used to accurately depict the prison sequences.

He visited various prisons in Argentina before to the start of production. A number of institutions were reportedly overcrowded, with inmates being forced to camp in the courtyard on occasion.

Furthermore, they did not appear to be gainfully employed and were frequently left alone.

One of the most intriguing parts of the show is that a significant portion of it was shot in the Cárcel de Caseros, or Caseros Prison.

The panopticon prison, which is located on Avenue Caseros 2491 in Buenos Aires, was designed as a temporary holding facility for convicts awaiting trial.

However, in the 1950s, it was used to imprison political prisoners. It was eventually shut down in 2001, and the majority of it, including the centre structures, was demolished by 2008.

Inmates at the Caseros Prison were known to be treated inhumanely, and riots and protests were widespread. As a result, the show’s depiction of jail life is not too distant from reality.

However, Ortega disclosed in March 2021 that the team had relocated from Caseros to an abandoned metal works facility in the Boedo area.

They made the premises look like a prison to meet the needs of the production.

The Netflix Spanish thriller series ‘Perdida‘ has a plot that is similar to that of ‘El marginal.’ It revolves around Antonio Santos Trénor, who is in search of his lost daughter.

When he runs out of alternatives, he purposefully gets himself detained in order to contact the people he believes may have the answers he seeks.

Taking all of these things into account, it’s easy to believe that the show is based on true occurrences. ‘El marginal,’ on the other hand, is a fictional drama that is both impactful and hard-hitting.