Is Doan’s Crossing As Shown in ‘1883’ TV Show, A Real Place?

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1883‘ follows a gang of cowboys and immigrants as they cross the Great Plains. The waggon caravan journeys to Oregon in quest of a spot to call home, but they must cross harsh terrains along the way.

The caravan is prepared to leave Texas in the sixth episode, but first, they must make a necessary halt.

Upon crossing the Native American territory over Texas, the travellers stop in Doan’s Crossing to reorganise and acquire supplies.

Because the show incorporates real-world elements into its fictitious storey, viewers may wonder if Doan’s Crossing is based on a real location.

So, here’s what we know about Doan’s Crossing in that instance!


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Doan’s Crossing a Real Place as shown in 1883

Is ‘Doan’s Crossing’ a Real Location As Shown In ‘1883’ TV Series?

The caravan led by Shea Brennan lands at a little village on the Texas-Oklahoma border in episode 6 of ‘1883,’ titled ‘Boring the Devil.’

Doan’s Crossing, on the banks of the Red River, is the name of the location. Shea hires cowboy Colton to replace Ennis after the latter’s death at Doan’s Crossing, while Thomas hires a chef named Cookie.

Doan’s Crossing is said to be the final safe trade point between Texas and Kansas.

Doan’s Crossing is based on a real-life place in the nineteenth century that served a similar purpose.

In general, Doan’s Crossing is a section of the Great Western Trail, which was once used to transport livestock up north. Doan’s Crossing is located to the north of Vernon, Texas, and was a prominent cattle trading centre in the late 1800s.

The show’s depiction of Doan’s Crossing is historically accurate, as the town has been home to a trading station since the 1880s.

The Doan family, the first people to settle in Wilbarger County, arrived in 1881 and established the trading station. The trading post was constructed by Jonathan Doan and his nephew, Corwin Doan, one mile southwest of the Red River.

Doan’s Crossing monument

They built their house and store near a trail that many ranchers used to travel to Dodge City, Kansas, with their cattle.

Doan’s Crossing became the regional centre for human activity due to its strategically planned placement and the high quantity of livestock that travelled over the trail.

As a result, Doan’s Crossing grew into a town, complete with a store, a saloon, a school, a hotel, and other concrete structures.

After the building of rail tracks between Fort Worth, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, the settlement’s fortunes changed.

As a result, Doan’s Crossing’s activity plummeted after the 1880s. It does, however, have cultural significance in Texas history.

Doan’s Crossing is now home to the Doans’ original store as well as numerous historic homes.

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