Is Dog ‘Brandy’, Ricky Gervais’ Dog in Real Life? In Season 3 of After Life, Does the Dog Die?

Is Ricky Gervais' dog Brandy in Real Life Too

Netflix‘sAfter Life‘ is a moving story about loss, acceptance, and recovery. It follows Tony Johnson (Gervais), the head of feature articles at a local newspaper, whose life is flipped upside down after the death of his wife.

He considers suicide but decides against it for his dog, Brandy. His sense of obligation to the animal becomes his sole connection to the outside world.

After Life does not, contrary to popular belief, celebrate grief but rather emphasises the transience of life and the infinite value of each minute we have on this planet.

Tony’s tight relationship with Brandy has caused many to speculate that she is Gervais’s real-life daughter.

Everything you need to know about it is right here.

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Is Ricky Gervais’ dog Brandy in Real Life Too?

No, dog Brandy is not his dog in real life. Anti, a female German Shepherd, is her real name.

Despite the fact that Gervais isn’t her human, they appear to have a tight relationship. Anti appears on Gervais’ social media on a regular basis, not just when he’s promoting the programme.

The two of them appear to be genuinely enjoying each other’s company in all of these posts.

In a 2020 interview with Graham Norton, Gervais reflected about saying farewell to his co-stars, admitting that he almost cried when he did it to Anti.

In fact, Gervais and his domestic partner Jane Fallon had a Siamese cat named Ollie, who died in March 2020. Pickle, a cat they fostered, was later adopted.

In Season 3 of After Life, Does the Dog Brandy Die?

Many fans of ‘After Life‘ were scared that Brandy might die in the 3rd season due to the show’s melancholy themes.

As a result, Gervais took to Twitter to clarify that the dog would not die in season 3. For the most part, the acclaimed actor-writer-creator has fulfilled his word.

The death of Brandy is not directly depicted in the series. The final scene, on the other hand, emphasises death’s certainty.

Tony and Brandy are walking through a park in the scene. In the background, Joni Mitchell‘s “Both Sides Now” is playing.

Lisa (Kerry Godliman), Tony’s late wife, arrives and walks alongside them for a brief moment before disappearing. Then Brandy vanishes, and then Tony vanishes as well.

While some fans may find this finale gloomy, it perfectly matches the show’s main themes. Brandy doesn’t die right away, but she will, just as Tony will, at some point in the future.

After Life,’ as it always does, emphasises the significance of genuinely living with its end.

“It’s (the conclusion) basically saying – this isn’t a spoiler, I promise – It’s basically saying, we all die, but not today,” Gervais remarked in an interview.

That’s all it’s trying to express; it’s that it’s good right now. It’s all right.”

Death is an unavoidable aspect of life, but that doesn’t mean we should let it dictate how we perceive the world and how much pleasure we derive from it.

In this aspect, our canine pals may teach us a lot.