Is Lifetime’s Film “The Surrogate Scandal” Based on a True Story?

Is Lifetime’s The Surrogate Scandal Based on a True Story

Is The Surrogate Scandal Based on a True Story? – Lifetime’s The Surrogate Scandal‘ is an intense thriller featuring Catherine Dyer as Amelia. The plot revolves around Amelia, who agrees to serve as a secret surrogate for Grace and Alex Hardy – a celebrity couple. However, Amelia’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers Grace had a failed childbirth, leading to the tragic death of her estranged daughter Beth. Suspicious circumstances prompt Amelia to infiltrate Hardy’s residence by posing as a nanny. As Amelia spends more time with the family, she unearths some shocking secrets about Beth’s passing. 

Directed by Amanda J. Strachan, the film delves into topics such as surrogacy which prompts viewers to doubt its legitimacy. Let us investigate this topic further to determine if ‘The Surrogate Scandal‘ is based on true events.

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Official Synopsis:

“Amelia is devastated to learn her estranged daughter, Beth, died during childbirth. Beth was a secret surrogate for celebrity couple Grace and Alex Hardy. Amelia believes Beth died under suspicious circumstances and poses as a nanny in order to infiltrate the Hardy household and learn the truth about her daughter’s tragic death. Stars Catherine Dyer, Luisa d’Oliveira, Matthew Dowden, Christine Milo, and Veronica Long (2023).”

Is The Surrogate Scandal a True Story?

No, ‘The Surrogate Scandal’ is a true story, but it resembles ‘The Surrogate Scandal.’ Vicky L. Neal’s creative imagination and remarkable writing skills created this captivating narrative for Amanda J. Strachan’s directorial debut. Drawing from her previous experience writing screenplays for ‘The Lioness’ and ‘Romanorum,’ Neal created an authentic yet captivating script that appeals to audiences around the world.

Surrogacy, which is not unheard of in real life, is the central theme of Luisa d’Oliveira’s film ‘The Surrogate Scandal’. Unfortunately, people with hidden agendas exist, just like Amelia’s character does in the movie when she poses as a nurse to invade the privacy of the Hardy household.

In addition, viewers may recognize the Lifetime movie from other films and TV shows that feature surrogacy, such as ‘When The Bough Breaks’ or ‘Together Together.’ One such example is the 2013 mystery thriller ‘The Surrogate.

The Surrogate 2013 movie

The Surrogate” is a 2013 thriller movie that follows Casey and Alex, a married couple unable to have children of their own due to infertility issues. They turn to surrogacy as an eventual solution and locate Jules as an ideal surrogate for them.

However, as time passes during Jules’ pregnancy, Casey begins to notice some unusual behaviour from her. She becomes overly attached to the baby and starts behaving erratically, which leads Casey to become suspicious of her motives.

Casey uncovers a dark secret about Jules’ past, leading her to suspect that Jules has ulterior motives for carrying their child. Casey and Alex find themselves in an untenable situation as they strive to uncover the truth and protect themselves and their unborn child from Jules’ sinister plans.

This movie is an intense thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end. It explores themes like trust and deception, as well as what people will sacrifice to reach their objectives. Furthermore, it raises ethical concerns regarding surrogacy and its potential risks.

‘The Surrogate’ also delves into surrogacy and people’s deceitful nature to gain what they desire, similar to ‘The Surrogate Scandal.’ Thus, even with these realistic themes present in ‘The Surrogate,’ it can be safely assumed that this Lifetime movie is entirely fiction and has no connection to actual events.

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