Is Lifetime’s Scary Movie ‘Cruel Instruction’ Based on A True Story?

Is Cruel Instruction Based on A True Story

Cruel Instruction,’ a disturbing horror film from Lifetime, is about a torturous juvenile residential treatment institution. The film is directed by Stanley M. Brooks and follows Kayla Adams, who is in her late teens.

Kayla’s mother, Karen Adams, sends her daughter to a youth treatment centre after she is expelled from school due to her behavioural troubles, as requested by her prior school teachers.

Unfortunately, Kayla discovers that the school has a sinister reality within it not long after she arrives. Miss Connie, the headmistress, and her devoted staff rule the school with an iron fist, robbing the students of their sanity.

Random punishments, incarceration, suppressive medication, and abuse were all utilised to discipline the children in mediaeval times. Kayla meets Amanda, who comes on the same day as her, and the two must work together to escape the dreadful institution.

Morgan Taylor Campbell plays Amanda, while Kelcey Mawema (Gabrielle from ‘Deadly Class’) plays Gabrielle.

You might be wondering if the movie is based on true events. Is there a tyrant school like this in Utah? Let’s dig a little deeper.

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Lifetime Cruel Instruction

Is There a True Story Behind ‘Cruel Instruction’ Movie?

Yes, the narrative behind ‘Cruel Instruction’ is accurate. You may believe that the country’s educational system has advanced significantly in recent years.

However, let us assure you that there is still much work to be done. The movie was directed by Stanley M. Brooks from a scenario written by Adrienne Rush, who was inspired by the inner workings of such child therapy clinics.

It’s still an unregulated industry with a lot of allegations of wrongdoing. Many of these child treatment institutions have been built by the US government since the early 1990s.

However, there are few stringent federal requirements to govern the programmes, particularly those run by private, for-profit businesses.

Because there is no meticulous paperwork, legal authorities have a tough time determining who is enrolled in these programmes.

When Greg Kurtz, the Managing Director of the Government Accountability Office’s Forensic Audits and Special Investigation Unit, looked into reports of child abuse, neglect, and death at a private residential treatment centre, his team came across a chilling reality.

“We uncovered thousands of reported incidences of death and abuse at these programmes,” he said in a hearing before the US House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee on October 10, 2007.

HHS, state agencies, the Internet, and active and closed civil and criminal litigation are among the sources of these allegations.”

Surprisingly, the incidents were found in both public and private institutions.

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Is Cruel Instruction A True Story

Paris Hilton, a socialite actress, was one of the victims of these institutions when her parents sent her on a disciplinary trip from New York City to Utah’s Provo Canyon School in the late 1990s.

She shared the harrowing recollection in an interview with People. The personnel, according to Hilton, did not stop at verbal abuse and casual bullying.

She claimed that the officials would use physical pressure, including coercive techniques such as strangulation, to force the children to submit. “…they were abusing us physically, punching and strangling us.”

“They intended to induce terror in the youngsters so we wouldn’t misbehave,” Hilton explained.

“They intended to inspire terror in the youngsters so we’d be too afraid to resist them,” Hilton stated. Her narrative seemed to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Along with ‘Cruel Instruction,’ Lifetime also released a companion documentary, ‘Beyond the Headlines: Cruel Instruction,’ which depicted the plight of survivors of such treatment facilities.

The documentary also discusses how survivors acquire PTSD and anxiety as a result of their ordeal. ‘Cruel Instruction,’ as depressing as it is, contains far more truth than you may believe.

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