Is Lindsay Pregnant at the End of Hulu’s ‘Up Here’?

Is Lindsay Pregnant at the End of Hulu's Up Here

Is Lindsay Pregnant in ‘Up Here’? – On March 23, 2023, Hulu premiered the romantic comedy musical series “Up Here,” created by Steven Levenson, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel. The story revolves around Lindsay and Miguel – a married couple struggling with memories, desires, and obsessions while searching for happiness and love. Both characters experience internal monologues, which cause anxiety and cause them to act against their wills.

Lindsay and Miguel’s life experiences have contributed to the formation of these internal voices. Lindsay struggles with trust issues due to a friend’s betrayal, while Miguel feels trapped by his mother in an occupation he detests. These voices complicate matters in their relationship. This series delves into what happens to Lindsay and Miguel at the end and what their internal voices tell them.

The show stars various actors, such as Mae Whitman and Carlos Valdes, in crucial roles. Steven Levenson directs the series alongside Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel.

If you want to know whether Lindsay is pregnant or not, read below for your answer.

Is Lindsay Pregnant

Is Lindsay Really Pregnant?

Lindsay (Mae Whitman) and Miguel’s (Carlos Valdes) initial encounter caused internal turmoil as they debated if they should be together despite their mutual attraction. To stay cool, Lindsay and Miguel took several breaks before reconnecting once they felt things were settled between them.

Lindsay discovered Miguel kissing his ex-girlfriend, and their relationship ended abruptly. While the details of their conversation are unknown, it’s likely that Miguel tried to explain that it wasn’t his idea and he had already considered leaving even before the kiss took place. Unfortunately, Lindsay was devastated by this news and had difficulty believing him.

Miguel soon realized Lindsay had been lying about her whereabouts and intentions. He heard voices in his head accusing her of cheating with another man. Eventually, Lindsay revealed that she and Miguel were engaged – which completely shocked Miguel.

After some months had passed, Lindsay and Josh met again and discussed their feelings. It was also revealed that Lindsay was pregnant, complicating matters further.

As Lindsay recounts her unusual eating habits and cravings, she recognizes them as signs of pregnancy. Miguel also recognizes it when their minds come to the same conclusion simultaneously – that Lindsay is indeed pregnant! Their worlds become a mess with this news as their minds struggle with its implications. It had only recently been reconciled between them that now they had to tackle starting a family together.

The coming months will determine the course of their relationship, which has already seen its share of ups and downs. They must conquer their insecurities and negative thoughts to make their union successful.

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