Is Mysaria Alive or Dead in “House of the Dragon?”

What Happened to Mysaria in Episode 9 of House of the Dragon

Is Mysaria Alive or Dead in “House of the Dragon?” – Mysaria is a formerly enslaved person and prostitute who now runs a brothel and is an information broker. She is the head of a network of spies and informants operating in King’s Landing under the nickname “White Worm.” 

Mysaria, who had been an Essos slave, eventually ended up in Westeros, where she rose through the ranks of the King’s Landing underworld to become Prince Daemon Targaryen’s most dependable ally and his paramour.

In episode eight, we saw Alicent’s lady-in-waiting visiting Mysaria just before a scene in which Alicent tends to the frail Viserys on his deathbed and offers him tea. As seen earlier in the episode, the same maid had previously given an abortifacient to a girl who Aegon had sexually assaulted. Alicent’s maid is familiar with where to find illicit remedies and communicates with Mysaria, a superspy from King’s Landing.

Mysaria, a misunderstood character from House of the Dragon Episode 9, was shown hiding the wandering Prince Aegon and selling Otto Hightower his whereabouts. Larys Strong, who is constantly observant, learns about her and her network and decides to eliminate her with the queen’s blessing. You can get all the information you need about Mysaria’s passing in House of the Dragon right here.

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Is Mysaria Alive or Dead in House of the Dragon

What Happened to Mysaria in Episode 9 of House of the Dragon?

Beesbury accused the other council members of plotting to poison Viserys in Hotd Episode 9. Viserys might have quickly died of natural causes, but it seems Alicent’s maid is working for someone who wanted Viserys killed; Mysaria may or may not be aware of this person. However, later events in this episode cast doubt on everything. One of them is that Mysaria arranges a meeting even though it seems the two have never met before when she finds out Otto is hunting for Aegon. During this interaction, Mysaria strikes a deal with Otto to transfer Aegon in exchange for the release of an orphan enclave.

But Larys Strong (Matthew Needham), insisting that he has some important information for Alicent, orders her to remove her stockings all the way down to her bare feet. Larys’ explanation to Alicent that her maid works for Mysaria is perplexingly underwhelming. He says nothing about her perhaps being complicit in Viserys’s death. Once more, Alicent is shocked by the intrigue in this palace, but she is unable to draw any connections between the death of Viserys and Mysaria, her maid. She decides to defer to Larys’ judgement and let him handle things. Later, we see Mysaria’s opulent downtown residence, which acted as her covert espionage command headquarters.

Is Mysaria Still Alive in House of the Dragon

Is Mysaria Still Alive in House of the Dragon?

Yes, Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) is still alive and will have a significant role in the Dance of Dragons despite the burning structure near the end of episode 9. In the George R.R. Martin novel on which the television series is based, The White Worm eventually sides with the black people and helps Daemon get revenge when his family is wronged. Rhaenyra and Daemon will cherish her King’s Landing connections when they try to steal the throne.

She must have understood that hiding Prince Aegon and drawing the Hand of the King’s attention may lead to an assassination attempt, for that is how she lived. This time, Mysaria outsmarted Larys, and given that both have proven themselves as dangerous rivals, there may be other opportunities for them to duel in upcoming show episodes.

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