Is Netflix Murder Mystery Movie ‘The Weekend Away’ Based on a True Story?

Netflix Movie The Weekend Away Based on a True Story

The Weekend Away,’ a Netflix murder mystery film set in Croatia, revolves around Kate’s disappearance and ultimately murder while she spends a weekend with her best friend Beth.

Following Kate’s murder, Beth returns to the distant nation and sets out to investigate the mystery surrounding her friend’s death. She meets Zain, a taxi driver who offers to assist her with her own research.

The storey follows Beth’s inquiry and the devastating ramifications of her findings. The mystery film, directed by Kim Farrant, succeeds in mesmerising viewers enough to pique one’s interest in the story’s real-life ties. Let us be your ally if you’re interested in the same thing!

Is The Weekend Away Based on a True Story

Is There a True Story Behind ‘The Weekend Away’ Movie?

The Weekend Away,’ on the other hand, is NOT based on a TRUE STORY. The murder mystery is based on Sarah Alderson’s eponymous novel, for which she also serves as the scriptwriter.

Orla and Kate, two closest friends, spend their yearly weekend away in Lisbon in this storey. Orla wakes up the next morning after a night out to find Kate has vanished.

Orla’s attempts to retrace their vacation in order to learn the truth about Kate’s disappearance are chronicled in the novel.

Alderson was inspired to write the storey after spending a weekend in Lisbon with her best friend. The trip inspired the author to write a murder mystery novel about two friends set in the intriguing environment of Portugal’s capital city.

As someone who has always valued friendships, Alderson successfully imagined the novel’s touching bond between Orla and Kate.

One of Alderson’s key goals in converting the book to film was to include the importance of female friendship in the author’s life in the storey as the relationship between Beth and Kate.

While adapting the book to the movie, Alderson faced a number of problems. Filming in Lisbon was not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, Alderson shifted the story’s setting from Lisbon to Croatia. Orla’s character was also renamed Beth.

While adapting the work, the author also revised the ending. The novel’s cliffhanger conclusion was turned into a complete storey in the film.

In a March 2022 interview, Alderson expressed her desire to provide Beth with a resolution. Beth’s storyline and character arc are finished in the film as a friend, wife, and mother, according to the author.’

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The Weekend Away Plot Synopsis

Even within its fictional storey, ‘The Weekend Away’ addresses real-life issues such as motherhood and career choices. The video discusses the differences that parenthood brings to a person and how it might affect one’s life through Beth.

In a February 2022 interview, Alderson stated that reconsidering one’s choices in their 20s and 30s, which is a central theme of the film, is absolutely fine.

Beth goes through a transition phase in the film, as the author said, as she understands that she can make changes in her life.

Beth, according to Alderson, has the ability to touch the hearts of viewers. The character’s journey and evolution teach us that life may be changed and that decisions aren’t set in stone.

Beth’s storey succeeds in connecting with the audience about real-life difficulties within the fictionality of the film’s murder investigation.

In light of this, ‘The Weekend Away’s’ fiction is deeply grounded in truth.