Is Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa’ (2021) Couple Mike Gillislee & Alexis Williams Still Together?

Selling Tampa Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee

Selling Tampa,’ a Netflix original series, gives viewers an inside look at the lives of several high-profile real estate brokers who work for Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida.

Cameras follow these agents as they try to reconcile their personal and professional lives while dealing with high-profile clientele and selling multimillion-dollar homes.

Alexis Williams is a highly accomplished luxury realtor who has risen through the ranks at Allure Realty to become one of the best.

Fans are now clamoring to know if she and NFL star Michael “Mike” Gillislee are still together, thanks to the show’s focus on their relationship. We’ve arrived with solutions!

‘Selling Tampa’: Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee Story

In October of this year, Alexis Williams joined Sharelle Rosado’s Allure Realty Agency.

She swiftly rose to the position of top agent and was highly successful in her work, thanks to her experience and talent.

Furthermore, now that Alexis has entered the glitzy realm of reality television, interest in her life is at an all-time high.

Michael or Mike Gillislee, on the other hand, is a former NFL player who rose to prominence while playing college football at the University of Florida.

He has played in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints, among others.

Despite leaving the NFL in 2018, Alexis stated that he was not yet completely retired from the sport but that he was on his way to doing so.

Alexis and Mike have a long history together, dating back to their college days. After their first meeting, they were quickly attracted to each other and began dating.

The couple’s dedication and commitment were undeniable, and their friends and acquaintances marvelled at their incredible connection.

Alexis went on to say that she and Mike were a team and that they had always faced life’s obstacles together.

Is Alexis Williams Still Dating Mike Gillislee?

Alexis prefers to keep her personal life private, but it appears that she and Mike are still going strong.

The couple had been together since college and were already engaged and living together when the filming began.

Furthermore, Alexis added that she was a huge supporter of Mike’s profession and even assisted him with the adjustment from the NFL to everyday life after he retired.

Mike, on the other hand, enjoys supporting Alexis’ dreams and frequently pushes her to give her all, regardless of the inter-agent conflict.

Moreover, the couple does not hold back when it comes to praising each other on social media, as Alexis recently shared a photo of them together with the message, “I’m very lucky to have you.”

On a daily level, we inspire one other, and I’m grateful we get to enjoy these moments together.”

Alexis is a source of strength and inspiration for Mike as well. The duo, on the other hand, is rather reserved when it comes to updating their fans, and their most recent photo together was released in July 2021.

Despite this, we may presume that Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee are still together, given the lack of recent news and nothing indicating a breakup.