Is Rue (Zendaya) in ‘Euphoria’ TV Series Asexual, Bisexual, or Lesbian?

Is Rue Asexual Bisexual or Lesbian in Euphoria

The protagonist of ‘Euphoria,’ Rue Bennett, is definitely one of the show’s most complex characters.

Her ongoing battle with mental health concerns that drive her to drug addiction is one of the show’s highlights.

The character gives the highly stylized and dramatic teen drama a sense of authenticity.

As the 2nd season of the show delves more into Rue’s personality, a debate concerning her sexuality surfaces.

Rue has been unusually cautious about her sexual wants in a series that feeds on sexually violent scenes.

As a result, viewers must be interested in learning more about the subject. So here’s all you need to know about Rue in HBO Max‘s ‘Euphoria,’ including if she’s asexual, bisexual, or lesbian!


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Rue Asexual Bisexual or Lesbian in Euphoria

Is Rue Bennett in ‘Euphoria’ Asexual, Bisexual, or Lesbian?

Rue is a recovered heroin addict and a high school student who is burdened by life’s unpredictability.

Her fears lead to drug addiction, although she does try to figure out her life and comprehend herself as a person from time to time.

Rue’s sexuality is one facet of her personality that is being examined at a glacial pace. Rue isn’t romantically involved in anyone when viewers first meet her.

However, Rue’s tragic past and her awkward sexual interactions with men are soon revealed to the audience.

When Rue meets Jules, the two girls fall in love, and it becomes clear that Rue prefers girls to men.

Rue’s mother and sister are aware of her interest in women, according to some moments from the first season of the show.

As a result, Rue can be classified as a lesbian. The same can be seen in Rue’s connection with Jules. Rue meets Elliott in the 2nd season of the show, and the two become fast friends.

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Rue Bennett

Despite the fact that neither of them appears to have romantic affections for the other, Jules is concerned about their relationship.

Rue’s sexuality is discussed by Jules and Elliott, with Elliott implying that Rue is asexual.

Rue has previously exhibited little interest in sexual activities and has kept her sexual urges disguised.

Jules admits she hasn’t seen Rue’s sexual side yet. Rue and Jules, on the other hand, share passionate kisses in the same episode, and Rue appears to be growing more comfortable with being physically intimate with Jules.

Nevertheless, Rue’s cautious attitude toward sex does not rule out the possibility that she is asexual.

Rue’s general disinterest in sexual matters is logical and justified, given her horrible past sexual encounters.

Overall, we may conclude that, while Rue is certain of her attraction to women, she is still finding out her sexual identity.

As a result, calling Rue a non-binary lesbian isn’t entirely inaccurate. Rue is a non-binary lesbian, according to actress Zendaya, who also acts as an executive producer on the series.

It’s also worth noting that Rue is still a teenager, and she may explore with her sexuality as the story unfolds.

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