Is Prime Videos’ Samaritan (2022) Based on a Comic Book?

Is Prime Videos' Samaritan (2022) Based on a Comic Book

Is Samaritan (2022) Based on a Comic Book? – Sylvester Stallone, a seasoned actor, plays Samaritan, one of the newest and probably the oldest superhero heavy hitters. The Golden Age champion has performed in various action roles, including the action-packed John Spartan in Demolition Man, the gun-toting Rambo, and the unwavering Rocky Balboa. The 76-year-old actor is still going strong and continuing to pursue his passion.

Despite the buzz around superhero movies, Stallone’s passion for action has driven him to star in a supporting part in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Additionally, he provided the King Shark voiceover for Gunn’s DC soft reboot of The Suicide Squad.

In a recent sneak preview of Samaritan on Amazon Prime, Stallone plays a retired superhero. If you’re wondering what inspired “Samaritan,” we’ve got all the information you need right here!

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Is Samaritan Based on a Comic Book

Is Samaritan (2022) Based on a Comic Book?

Yes, “Samaritan” is based on a similarly named comic book series. It is based on the identical graphic novel series by Marc Olivent, Renzo Podesta, and Bragi F. Schut, published by Mythos Comics. The screenplay for the movie adaption, which Australian director Julius Avery is directing, was also written by Schut. This is his third movie, following Son of a Gun from 2014 and Overlord from 2018. Along with Stallone, the Samaritan cast also features Shameik Moore, who is best known for providing the voice of Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Javon Walton, Moisés Arias, Martin Starr, Pilou Asbaek, Dascha Polanco, and Martin Starr.

The story centres on Joe Smith (Stallone), a superhero who vanished after defeating his arch-enemy twenty years earlier. To keep his city, he went into hiding to keep his identity a secret. He accidentally reveals his secret to a young man named Sam Cleary (Walton), who strives to break him out of his shell and get him back in the crime-fighting game due to events beyond his control that force him to use his skills.

Although it is widely believed that the superhero Samaritan was killed by the antagonist Nemesis, in reality, the superhero has retired, gone into hiding. He is now a garbage man to make ends meet. The light of hope has become a myth after twenty years since Acropolis is rife with criminality. A small child still has faith in a Samaritan even though the rest of the world is making due with the cards it has been dealt.

Young Sam, who discovers that his neighbour is actually Samaritan as he urges the elderly superhero to assume the mantle once more, tells the tale from his point of view. It’s been established that Sylvester Stallone’s character possesses Superman-like strength and toughness. When a car strikes Stallone’s character, he is seen mending his wounds and broken bones, implying extraordinary regeneration abilities similar to Deadpool.

Sylvester Stallone was also spotted wearing what appeared to be metal armour. This might be his old superhero costume, which he’ll undoubtedly put on during the movie’s conclusion. He is seen wielding a jackhammer that is powered by a bright orange magical stone, even though he cannot fly like other heroes.

The movie’s action and set pieces look amazing as Stallone uses his sheer power to tear through an enemy swarm. With just one hand, he flips a police cruiser and shields Sam from an explosion. Cyrus, a villain who doesn’t appear to have any superpowers in the teaser but is a powerful opponent, will be his opponent.

Who Is Samaritan

Who Is Samaritan?

Samaritan is a comic book hero who has been around for 28 years. Kurt Busiek introduced him in 1995. The Samaritan, sometimes known as “Big Red,” made his comic book debut in the Astro City series and has been a recurring character ever since.

The Superhero Samaritan is powerful. He is a native of the 35th century, when humanity was all but extinct, and the world was in the process of collapsing. Scientists developed time travel as a means of preserving the Earth. They were to send someone back in time to avert the catastrophe that would ultimately bring about the end of the planet. After being trained in time travel, one guy was selected and sent back. However, he came into contact with an energy known as “empyrean fire” while travelling across time, and this energy would forever alter him.

When this man returned to 1985, he discovered he had been given amazing superpowers. The space shuttle Challenger’s imminent destruction was the incident that he was sent back in time to prevent, he also realised at that point. The entire course of history was altered when he did this (saved the Challenger and her crew). After saving the crew’s life, media inquired about his identity, and he responded simply by calling himself “a good Samaritan.”

He has unique talents like flying, superhuman strength, superhuman durability, reality warping, and dimensional travel due to his contact with the empyrean. The Samaritan could momentarily travel back in time to ensure his efforts weren’t in vain. He saw that his mission was compelling when he arrived, but he also realised that his family had perished. The Samaritan decided to move back to the 20th century because he thought he could better the world there.

On August 26, 2022,Samaritan” movie will be made available on Amazon Prime Video. Along with Euphoria and The Umbrella Academy star Javon Walton, who will play Sam Cleary, the superhero film will star Sylvester Stallone as Stanley Kominski. The antagonist will be played by Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbk, along with Natacha Karam, Moises Arias, Dascha Polanco, and Martin Starr.

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